Fitter ACR or POM ??

Hi all,

Just a quick one. I'm re-enlisting into the Corps of gods and was looking for the pro's and con's of Fitter ACR and POM.

Any help appreciated.

Go Fitter ACR.
When it's redders, you create air conditioned bliss.
When its freezing, you create heated bliss (if you're installing a heat pump).
You can repair bar fridges which equals free beer.
You can adjust air conditioning in areas of high blurt - thus increasing the 'standy up nipple' count of the female population - Very satisfying.
If you've any career aspirations, its a fantastic feeder trade.
No-one (other than another Fitter ACR) really knows what you do, so can't really micro-manage you, whereas everyone knows how to slag off a Plant Op.
If you want to get into any other heat related trade (plumbing/design etc) you've got the academic grounding to set you on your way.

With the advent of the PFI, unless you're on exercise or ops, you won't be doing much of anything as a Plant Op in camp, which means guess who's prime target for shit jobs.
not very good promotion as a ftr acr.
POM is a good career choice despite whole fleet management. There is a lot of emphasis of being able to get on with it by yourself because when you go on site most of the time you are the only planty there surrounded by a troop of knockers. It's the same on tour or exercise when you turn up to dig in a load of infantry guys, suddenly you are the most popular person in the world! Promotion is ok as a POM as well.
Ftr ACR very good trade, and good money in Civ Div. While you're in though, Knocker and Plantlife are correct.

Depends what you want.

Do you like pies and call starter motors alternators?
Guy's, thanks for the info, really has helped me alot.
I think I'll be going for Fitter ACR (probably). Just need to graft like hell to get promoted.

Kind of along the same thread, does your trade play any part in your postings? ie, Fitter ACR = better chance of cyprus/BATUS. Or is it just a case of bums on seats.

only if you get a specific trade posting.

ftr acr can get postings to raf camps, good lob.
Just thought I'd mention that you don't do any air conditioning until your A1, despite being expected to it at unit and you don't get any civvie recognised qualifications. Me mate enjoyed the course mind. Oh, and it's an 11 month course so if your lucky you could find yourself stuck at Chatham for 18 long months as I have.
Geberally the normally construction trades i.e. carpenter, bricky, building and structural finisher, plumber, welder, etc have a better a better promotion rate for Corporal and above simply because there are more posts available. For planties, fitters, etc there are less slots so promotion is a lot more competitive. For LCpl planties and fitters normallty do quite well because they have more responsibility earlier on and have to get on with things with minimum supervision where as the fieldies have more NCOs to go round therefore more supervision.
northern_monkey733 said:
What trades have the best and worst promotion prospects?

depends how good you are at "grinding pepper" :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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