Can anyone recommend the best / quickest way to see improvements in both stamina and upper body strength needed for the CFT.

I work a 7 days so can only commmit a few hours per week to training.

My current level of fitness isnt that bad overall but i seem to struggle with tabing.

Thanks all.
its me .... be prepared for flak (plse don't take it the wrong way)....

TA CFT is nothing, if u lead a healthy lifestyle you won't have any probs. I smoke and drink too much but...... I keep off fast food and walk where I can...
Only time I struggled was when I quit smoking (and put a few stone on - due to beer)
i can do the distance in the time on flat ground with about 25lbs but struggle carrying the full weight and tabing up hills.

I also want to improve my fitness overall but need a more structured plan, at the moment i just run the 1.5 mile bft maybe twice a week so am not seeing considerable improvements. I have some time of work near christams so though i could put some extra hours in.
if your only going to do a couple of runs a week might as well do bergan runs.worked for me as i was lazy and needed to do cft
As anyone who has seen me do a BFT will witness I am no racing snake. However I always found TA CFT a bit of a breeze even with the loads and what not. I put this down to leg and back shoulder strength. If you have no problem with running just do excercises to add muscle tissue in the relevant weak areas. If you do have a problem with running youll need to address that at the same time. Low reps and (appropriately) heavy weights.

If you stuggle to stand up with your pack on then youll struggle to cover the distance.
Bergan runs are good, but the musles used are slighty different to tabbing.

Try some slowish runs, but reasonably long (an hour), and try walking with a pack.
DO NOT RUN with a bergen.

This puts too much strain on your knees/hips etc and increases the risk of ankle injuries if conditions underfoot are poor.

If you do want to move with weight, then do it in the boots that you will be using for the CFT otherwise you will have a nasty surprise on the CFT. One thing I do is to put 25kg of sand into a daysack and hoof out a four - five miler.

There is nothing wrong with running in trainers and PT kit without weight.
Bravo_Bravo said:
There is nothing wrong with running in trainers and PT kit without weight.
Yes there is, whats the point of eating 6 doughnuts a day if you are just going to waste it by running :wink:
A reasonable pair of ankle weights? Wear them under your trousers for work. Free PT. Alternatively, TESCO were selling cut price step machines this time last year (forty quid-ish if memory serves - but ebay might be the place to look first), I bought one for Mrs Fas (we call her Quo...) so she didn't have to go running in the dark, twenty minutes on the beast three or four times a week will sort you out. No impact and so no shin-splints or ankle injuries. Oh, and you can do your phys in the time it takes your dinner to cook. Job done.
STEP is great for building up the muscles and lung capacity you need to tab all day o'er hill n dale. Build yourself a robust cube 24" square and 12" high. Use the daysac full of sand for weight, and wear your boots.
You can even do this exercise while watching the telly. I used to do this for 3 hours a night, 3 days a week, which may be a tad extreme for your requirements. Start slowly and build up, 10lb - 30 mins, 15lb - 45 mins, 20lb - 60 mins etc
All I can say is that it worked really well for me, the Beacons become a virtual bowling green!
Thanks for all the tips guys, will definatly try a few on them out and she which ones work best for me. Ill let you know how i got on.Got a few weeks until the CFT cause christmas has interfered with training weekends so will crack on with the phys.

Thanks again

Do not do high weights and low reps, useless for CFT, that buiulds explosive strength i.e. could lift a lorry, but only for a second. For CFT you need endurance muscle, therefore you want mid range weights and about 3 sets of high reps i.e. 15-20 each set. Keep the running up as you'll need CV big style. Step ups are a good idea as they build the muscles in your upper legs, which are gonna take a beasting on the CFT, especially going uphill. I would suggest doing some work with weiht on your back but don't go to extremes or you'll injure yourself, because you simply don't have the knowledge, i.e. marching order is designed in such a way as when used correctly the weight should be on your hips, with bergan resting on top of webbing. Build your CV, blast out the press ups and don't neglect the sit ups, all power comes from the core. Most important of all, attack everything with a positive mental attitude and a refusal to give up, that's the only way I survived a 6.5 mile run when I was no Linford, I finished 3rd out of about 8 or 9 in it to, and this over anything else has convinced me of the power of the really is all in the mind. Sounds chad that but it was a lot to me.

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