Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fencing_sabre, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. whats the best way to build strneth but not muscle mass ?
  2. Strength for what purpose?

    But yes it is indeed possible; as an example not all power lifters are particularly big - not compared to bodybuilders - but (in general) power lifters are stronger.

    As a general rule powerlifters tend to train with a rep range of 1-5 while bodybuilders would tend to favour 5-15.
  3. As the bloke above said, strength training for what? There are different types of strength training e.g resistance, isometric & weight training.

    Given what you've said regarding not wanting to increase muscle mass - tone & strengthening the existing muscles could be achieved through low weights/high reps.
  4. Do you also want to increase endurance as well?

    While in the gym work you your 1 rep max- the maximum amount of weight one can lift in a single repetition for a given exercise. E.G. bicep curl, how much weight can you lift for 1 rep. If you can manage more than 1 rep on that weight then you need to increase the weight being lifted.

    For muscle endurance work at around 30-40% of your 1 rep max, doing 3 sets of 14 repititions.

    For building muscle you would work at 80% doing 3 sets of 6 reps

    Id say for strength work at around 50% 1repmax doing 3 x 10-12 reps.
    Remember to suppliment gym work with cardio work..

    Do exercises that dont require weight- press ups, squats, lunges..

    Hope that helps somewhat.
  5. Low weight/high reps are ideal if he/she is wanting to increase muscular endurance i.e. being able to repeatedly produce the same force over a set period of time - the orignal post regarding "strength" is too vague. If he/she wants muscle definition then they need to be looking to reduce their bodyfat %.
  6. well i get confuzed with all these body bilding sites but i dont want to get big i just want to gain proper muscle strenth, but ive heard using a really heavy wieght and doing 8 reps and 5 sets on for instance the biceps or some other muscles will increase strengh but not so much on muslce size which i want could anyone correct me on this ?, i just want to get to pass a pti course but really want to get fit for it
  7. I agree, it was the way you worded it initially.

    Why would you bother 5x8 on your biceps with a really heavy weight? All that will really make you good at is bicep curls. Plus that volume is pretty big.

    Stick with functional compound exercises then, learn some olympic moves and make of more function and power orietated routines. Stick with heavy weights and lower reps for raw power and strength.

    Stregth & size aren't directly linear. Also, gaining "loads of mass innit" is not something that will happen by accident. LOL at people who think its easy to drink one of those protein-creatine-steroid-thingy-shakes and turn into a stage condition bodybuilder overnight,
  8. yeh thats wot i meant i just want raw strengh i dont want big muscles to look good, but thanx ill check out that site cheers
  9. cheers well id like to do either the p coy course all the alls arms commando course, but personally i think the rm have more respect and better training, but im gonna do some of the ross training, basically just go nuts on the some circuits which should pass time quicker than doing boring weights, thanx for your time anyway
  10. All Arms IMO ;)

    (no bias there!)