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  1. Right, i have my app form ready to send off but i'm just holding back on sending it to get myself in some sort of shape (physically) I'm a pretty strong runner so that shouldn't be a problem, sit-ups pretty good too, it's just my press-ups that i struggle on, i get to about 10 then i'm burnt out!

    Is this just a case of doing some more weights to build my arms up or do i just keep plodding on doing press-ups and hopefully build up that way i.e go through the pain barrier?

    cheers guys
  2. Just smash out as many pressups as you can as often as you can is the simplest way :p
  3. I'm like an asthmatic pit pony after 10..god knows how i'm going to get up to 45-50 in 2 minutes! oh well keep plodding on i suppose
  4. haha i was never any good at them but trust me, the pti's will get a good few out of you while your in training :p
  5. If 10 kill you, do them in groups of 8 - I mean you know you can do 8 right?
  6. Do enough to mild tax you and do them randomly throughout the day.

    When you try and max out again, you will have gone up by quite a few (its called greasing the groove and works wonders for pull ups)
  7. Ok nice one guys cheers
  8. What are you thinking of joining, out of interest?
  9. Trust me mate hand in your forms now! It takes ages to get in the army (it's been 6 months and I've not even been Pirbright yet!), once you apply there's no rush and if you're not fit enough to do the tests after your doctor pulls his finger out and finally sends off your medical forms (you'll know more about that later) they simply just wait until you are, it's no biggy, they'll give you loads of fitness guides and just wait, am I right guys?
  10. Abit off topic but has everyone had to wait ages? Because from the first time i went into the afco to starting basic was about a month.

    Or is it the atr you are going to that can make the wait longer?
  11. I started my application in September and got around to going to Pirbright in mid December due to my doctor mostly, passed to pre joining fitness days etc but got defereed *for a nasty cold, 4 hours train journey for that lol* so should be back late Jan early feb. Its a slow process for a bit then once your medical is back in its basically BOOM. Good luck mate and keep squeezing out pushups, do em first when you wake up and right before you go to bed, i find it gives you more motivation in the day to do them and probably helps you wake up too/go to sleep.

    also im joining the Infantry, dont know if that actually changes the time it takes to get to pirbright?
  12. Well my doctor was my next door neigbour so thats probably why mine was quicker :) haha
  13. going to go for infantry (light role) 2nd choice probably RLC driver
  14. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    What I try to do about press ups is doing pyramids (at least I think thats what they're called).

    Basically, it's working from whatever down to one, so;

    5 press ups
    10 s rest
    4 press ups
    10 s rest
    etc etc etc, and then back up to 5

    It's a good way of getting them sorted, I do these every day, and usually get around 100 press ups on pfts. I hope this helps.
  15. Nice one BBear i'll give that a blast