Discussion in 'Sappers' started by wana_b_sapper, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys!!!

    I got reconmended to come here wiv my queries!!

    Ok I am 17 and hoping to join the RE in summer next year!!!

    Im not very fit!! but i really want to increase my fitness!

    Ive started running about a mile every couple days but i feel i shud run every day to improve my fitness but i have read the armys guide to getting fit and they suggest i run every second day!!! What shud i do?

    Also does any of you have an idea to a good fitness regime!! or fitness ideas?

    Any help wud be greatly appreciated!!!

    sorry if this has been posted before!
  2. Do as it says in the book and you will be a better candidate, and to improve upon it will make your more so.

    One thing I would change in the book would be to have more swimming included :D
  3. Can you not substitute swimming for running hour for hour?
  4. Ive been told to do alot of runnin and do pressups and situps!!!

    What shud i aim for!

    eg. time for running a mile!, amount of situps and pressups
  5. Swimming is so much more fun though :(

    Ok, combine swimming and running, better? Bi-athlon
  6. At the end of the day, you need to get:

    1.5 mile run in 10 minutes 30 Seconds
    44 Press Ups in 2 Minutes
    50 Sit Ups in 2 Minutes

    As a minimum.
  7. I had problem with my mile and a half. Took like 7 months to get it down.

    For the first 4 months the regt had me doing 13 phys session a week (including Squadron phys and remedial) the last 3 months saw the squadron doing a lot of stuff out of camp, so I wasn't doing as much phys. Some reason, over the 3 months I kept knocking 30 seconds off my time. Each time thinking "I just can't knock anymore time off", although, the next time I could.

    So, I think if you over do it, you gain nothing but a sweat. Fitness timed right will help you get fitter. Hydration is critical.
  8. Ok ty Praetorian

    I went to army carears, asked them, but they said i will do a medical test tht consist of my medical and fitness? anyone know what they will look for in the fitness?

    With press-ups and situps, my dad (ex-RMP) suggested i shud do like 10 pressups thn 10 situps and repeat 3-4 times to start wiv! is this a good idea??
  9. Fitness wise at 'selection' you will have to pass a mile and half under 12 minutes 30 seconds for 'adult entry' to phase 1.

    Best thing is to time 2 minutes and see you how many sit ups you can do in that time. Repeate the process with press ups. Then you can see how much you got and set a goal to aim for 44 pressups and 50 situps. Might surprise yourself.

    Also, you have to be cool with having you're nads felt by a man(doctor) at selection.
  10. and they say school results are getting better........
  11. Out of interest - what trade are you wanting to do?
  12. I am wanting to be a Sparky by trade!!!

    lol Nighttrained, I think ill be ok wiv the doc!!! anything for the corps lol
  13. Sparky? Knockers going to be pleased.

    Of course there is always RE sigs, who make woman go weak at the knees.

    Anyway, I won't say much more, some people don't like sprogs preaching to sprogs. ;) Especially when it's me and the thread title is fitness
  14. whos knockers?

    wat u mean about "Of course there is always RE sigs, who make woman go weak at the knees. "
  15. Jus Browsin The Topic, Just Outta Interest, Are The Sit-Ups With Your Feet Under A Bar Or Held Down Or Something, Or Unsupported?