Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Skitch, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been going on frequent runs every other day, and after about 7 mins of runnng it feels as if my lungs are getting very hot and I need to take HUGE deep breaths... I can run for about 17 mins non-stop, probably 20-25 when I feel more dedicated...

    So i'm just wondering if other people get this, and if it will gradually get better every time I run to get used to it? Or is this just normal?

    And also, do you need to run through "stitches" (Pain in the rib area's) to get rid of them, or is it best to stop and wait for them to go?

    Any advice if very helpful, Thanks in advance!
  2. yeah , its because your exercising more, same as i had, kep running and it gets easier.

    or cycle, i find that to help quite alot with the Cardio

    and thats got to be a good thing

    anyone agree disagree?

    i prefer cycling to running, much more fun.
  3. I feel like i'm being watched while running... lol

    Cycling is all good, but in my own opinion I cant get 'out of breath' from it, although it does burn the leg muscles and you progressively feel your thigh's getting stronger each ride.

    But with running it's different, it's like you get out of breath but aches my arm muscles more than my legs and makes you go a bit numb. I guess its good to vary between Running, Riding and some Weightlifting.

    My thoughts were to run to build cardio, weightlift to build strength and stamina, and bike riding for extended leg muscle stamina and strength (...and if alot of hills are around, you'll be panting alot so that will also include cardio.)

    I'm not sure... That's just the way I feel myself Stvwardy, and thanks for the info!
  4. Hahaha, I thought I was a bit of a freak when my arms started aching on a run! At least its not just me!

    I find varying my CV work outs help a great deal - I find running really difficult (particularly short legs don't help), but that said, only running will make you better at running! I've now got my head around it and get a great buzz at the end of a hard run, but do find other exercise a boost to my speed.

    Best of luck!
  5. Arms aching on a run, pu.ssys! Wait till you start doing assualt courses and speed marches!!
  6. Are you still a cadet?
  7. Slow your pace down and breath properly in through the nose out through the mouth. When you first start training you will stop and feel like your lungs are going to explode but the more you train the easier you will find it.

    Stitches just make sure you keep your posture up right and always look ahead never look down seems to make you crunch. And make sure as i said before breath properly. There is a stitch which i get alot and its seems to be only on the right side and it wont go even if you try to breath it out. But as of late i have found that if i kinda stick my fingers in into the area it hurts it stops the movement and the pain.

    This will help:
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  9. my shoulders ache.. i think this is because i keep them lose. i find talking to my self helps " ive got to do this 4 the army blah blah" get into a daze because if i think im going to stop i will...
  10. Now, is it me or does anyone else get that same old feeling here..?
  11. Yes, your point? We still do march and shoots you know, aren't all fannys.
  12. And I don't know what you are on about you wiener, you have only just got your AS results! So now whos the Cockrel?

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  13. Theres a simple exercise to help strengthen your shoulders.
    Stand with your arms outstretched to your sides, parallel to the ground.
    Swing your arms in a circular motion in opposite directions in front of your body, imagine they are the propellers on a twin engine aircraft.
    Reverse direction and repeat.
    Its not particularly arduous, and it requires no equipment, but when you do a hundred reps in each direction, twice a day, you'll find that your shoulders, neck, biceps, triceps and pecs are not only stronger, but they will be a lot more flexible too.
  14. It will come with time anyway.
  15. thankyou i will try that :D .