Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RoyalEngineers, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Well..

    ..basically I wanted to know some theoretical stuff.

    Interested :? Haha..

    Anyway, I was wondering, as your running fitness improves, do you run at a faster pace without knowing it and still find it as challenging.. or do you eventually get so good that you can go forever whilst still feeling fine?

    Cause I seem to be going at a faster pace but it seems just as hard? Maybe it's cause as of yet i'm still an amateur :x
  2. Its really a combination of both, I pace myself around the 1.5mile since thats the most common run I do (well 2 mile including warm up). If I am running further I just take it a little easy and same the other way, what I have found though is that since I run the 1.5mile once a day (and I say it EVERY day) is that 'those football pitches dont get any smaller', I find I do improve my time but still end up huffing and puffing like a fat guy running from salad.
  3. Yeah, which brings me to think maybe I should buy a power breather thing? When I earn more than £4.50 an hour part time :oops:
  4. Iv got 1 of those power breathers lurking around but never really got into it, I supose it helped a bit but then I just thought I would rather spend that time exercising since that still helps alot more.
  5. Fair enough, but in times of desperation.. (well not really) i'm willing to give anything that might help a go ;)

    Recently the top of my nose seems a bit closed so i'm trying to do something about that.. might try one of those strip things :wink:
  6. All PT in the Army is designed to push you no matter how fit you are. Someone who runs in 8:40 should find their time just as hard as someone who does 10:10, the PFT is best effort. Steady state running gets easier though.
  7. I find mental fitness improves as I get fitter, it doesn't really feel much easier, but your pain resistance gets better.
  8. Well it depends what you are talking about. My "easy" runs feel the same as they did 6 months ago but I am going 3 minutes per mile faster with the same effort. Fartlek is still hideous, as is sprint intervals as those things involve a relative effort which is the same no matter how good a runner you are. As has been said, the 1.5 should hurt even if you can do it in 7:30.

  9. Funilly enough it's after the 1.5 miles that it begins to become harder ;)

    Maybe that's cause of the hills :p
  10. You should be running more than 1.5 miles anyway and doing press-ups and sit-ups beforehand to simulate a PFT.
  11. I do about 2 miles or something, and as of yet no sit ups and press ups. I'll start them SERIOUSLY today I think :)
  12. Hmmm I was told the push ups and sit ups are done after the 1.5mile? I found a great ripping to pieces is on a saturday (I dont exersize on a sunday) is to do 2miles (.5mile warm up then 1.5mile stead run) followed by pyramid press ups, then 70 sit ups then do another 2mile session but time the last 1.5mile, i know if I get that under 11mins im doing ok.
  13. Doing sit ups now, 100 in the morning and 100 in the evening, other than having a monster six pack I hope it helps with my running :)
  14. You're being underpaid 10p an hour.
  15. only £4.60 for people who are 18 or over an dunless im mistaken royalengineers is 16?