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I have been trawling through the forums recently and have picked up on the fitness issue. I’m looking to start the application process of this summer, and am known to have a bit (read: a lot) of a competitive streak. I’m a keen mountain biker and my fitness is pretty good from training – my mile and a half is sub 8mins if I hurt myself and I can do about 60 press ups before stopping. Just a little curious about how these compare to the fitter guys at RCB and RMAS? I am going to want to be one of the first few back from runs and other individual best efforts.

I know the deal with training etc and will focus more on running than biking nearer the time. Obviously being an officer is about much more than just being fit, I’m fairly confident with the leadership/academic side; fitness could be a strength that I use during selection.

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe you should think about coming out of your shell a bit before you concentrate on fitness :lol:
If by sub 8 minutes you mean about 6.30, then you're on the money. As for press ups and push ups, you need to be thinking about 200 or so for each or, at least, 100 in the two minute test period.......... all done whilst carrying a C/Sgt on your back, natch.........
Glad that you're confident about the leadership and academic bits..... let us know how you get on.

<Aside to interested mate reading over my shoulder> "Confident about the leadership thing? Bloody 'ell, they've cloned Bill Slim and given him an injection of Rommel genes to boot!"

Check out
Should give you an idea of targets.

As far as other's standards go, can't say for RMAS as yet, but RCB was surprisingly weak. You won't impress anyone by being the fittest there, as long as you're at a good standard and give it your all, you're set. That goes for all tests.

I have had a further look around and it seems that to get a 100% score you need under 8.15 for the run, 72 press ups and 78 sit ups. From what I have read the PTI's stop you at RCB when you meet the basic target - is pretty much a moot point for RCB then!

Thanks for the link MotM.
You get stopped as soon as you reach 100% on the gym tests. Also when doing the press-ups if you remove your hands from the mat you are out. The PTIs at RCB watch you like hawks and their counting is not as creative as your pals in the TA centre!! :lol:

The best way to do the gym tests is to do say 20 and grab a quick rest, then do another 20. On the run just give it all you can, I am 35 and can still get round in 9.30 but when I first joined up I was a 7.45 man (many years ago!!)


The advantage at Sandhurst of being very fit when you go there is that you may - may - be a little less tired than some of the less fit people from time to time. However, once you are identified as being very fit, you will be expected to do more, help the less fit and so on. You will rarely get the opportunity to 'come in first on runs' for the simple reason that most training is done collectively with your platoon.

The point about being fit is that it is a relatively easy mechanical process. Not everyone will be able to do a sub-8.00mins 1.5 miles, but very few people will ever need to. During the officer selection process, you will only ever be expected to meet the required standard: how fit you are beyond that is immaterial. Bearing in mind the time that people will have to prepare for RCB and Pre-RCB, fitness should be a given, like having the required number of GCSEs and A levels; a failure to reach the required standard for anything other than immediate medical reasons would be pretty dire.
Drink beer, fight with some people, eat kebabs and chill out.

Leadership is not just about running fast. Soldiering is a competent level of everything. agreed, being fit allows you not to have to worry about that discipline...but that is only one aspect of soldiering and unless you are running at 1313ft/s second you are not out running a 7.62 short.

Find life, your soldiers will love you for it!
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