Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ben123, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Hello, I am thinking joining the army but I am worried about my fitness. I can run 1.5 mile in 11.30 and do about 30 press ups in a min. Am I way off the required standard?
    I am a 21 and male by the way, 5.9 about 13 stone.
    Any help or advice would be great.

    P.s no fat boy jokes!
  2. Depends what you are going for. If it isnt the parachute regiment then u need to be able to run 1.5 miles in 14 minutes. If it is the paras it needs to be around 9 minutes (cant remember the exact time). No press ups are required at selection but it builds your strength for the pull ups and the jerry can carry. Just keep doing press ups and keep your running up and you'll be fine. Hope i helped. :)
  3. Thanks, Its the RE i would be interested in. Is there a difference between pull ups and heaves?
  4. No. They're the same thing.
  5. Anyone have nay tips on a fitness programme that involves running and building upper body strength? thanks :)
  6. Gentlemen call me "old and crusty", but I prefer msquared, but shouldn't you be running 1.5m in under 11 min doing situps and pressups (to build upper body strength) to a certian number I can't remember, dam this drink problem, to enable this marvelous country to have the fineness fighting force inthe world HURAH!!!!!
  7. Go to and type "fitness books" and choose the one you like the most. There are SAS and Marine ones out there too if that tickles your fancy!
  8. Do soldiers really get 14 mins for the mile 1/2 run?
  9. STFU! You dont know what you're talking about!

    Ten and a half minutes if you're under 30 years of age.
  10. Gotta go with Bossdog on this one. My recruiting sergeant told me on monday that he wont consider sending me to RSC until I can do the run in 10:30.
    On the other hand Charlotte_Roberts did it in 13:50 and has got in
  11. That's just because I'm a slow ******, I have stamina just not got any speed.

    I have another 1.5 mile run to complete in April as they want to see if my time will have lowered.
  12. Did the ACIO not give you a fitness booklet? When you going for RSC?
  13. Yes rabbit. This one straight from a decent Regiment. Half hour runs, every day. Three or four hills in the route - sprint up them. Fifty good push ups before you go to bed, and fifty when you get up, to start with. Chest to the floor. Dont worry if you cant do them all at once to start with, just get them done. Also throw some sit ups in there for variety. I did a nine-oh two mile and a half before I this. Stick to it, and good luck.
  14. Just got a top tip from the Physio as my body is now starting to fall to bits, don't do the Army style sit ups, even though they give you pti (gti cos crap at job and good at running! Yes i am a slow bitter old man) abs, they knacker your back up, and only run a couple of times a week, do things like step machine, bikes or rower for cardio, or it'll bugger your knees up. Wish they'd told me that 15 years ago so i could avoid the crippling agony i get into every time its cold or damp
  15. Ben123, I hope your training is going well. Sorry to be a harbinger of doom, 11:30 at 21 is not a good performance.
    That is the maximum time for a Male of 35 years of age or more. As correctly mentioned, you should be doing sub 10:30.
    I would suggest that if you are wanting to join RE, you will need to be achieving faster than that. Still, that is the minimum requirement, so aim for that initially. You should be aiming to do a minimum of 44 Press Ups and 50 Sit Ups for the BPFA.
    NB when you do go to ATR, do not stop once you have reached the minimum standard or you will undoubtedly attract the attention of your instructors for the wrong reasons - don't aim for the minimum standard, have a bit of pride.