Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Moodybitch, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. Hi slackers

    My brother is joining up and needs to raise his game in terms of fitness.

    Careers office don't disclose the fitness levels required. Can anyone offer some advice so I can tell him what he needs to aim for. :lol:
  2. Depends on what arm he is joining, if he's a man and he's joining the infantry, he needs to be able to pass the APFA on a green and not have too many problems doing this, ie 1.5 miles under 9 mins 30. more than 40 press up's in two mins, and at least 60 sit up's in two mins. { i think that's right it has been a while!}
  3. He should concentrate on gaining a tolerance for stella artrois and aftershock. Pub fitness will be essential in whatever arm or corps he joins. Good luck to the young fellow
  4. 10mins 30secs 2.4km. 55 press ups in 2 mins, 50 sit ups in 2 mins. Thats the basic requirement.
  5. Moody

    For him to pass RSC he needs to be able to do 1.5 miles in under 12.00 minutes but it wouldn't hurt him to be able to do it in under 10.30, in fact it would probably help him get a job, if he wants to go para regt he needs to do it in under 09.18. Make sure you warn him that to walk on the 1.5 mile run will almost guarantee him a deferral for 3 months - so don't do it

    Heaves are the next thing, it's no good him hanging there like a fruit bat, he needs to show effort and the more the better. He'll do heaves along with other strength test in the what they call the PSSR, they include a static lift (not sure on the weight) a dead lift, and a bondage sort of test that tests back strength.

    One of the main things is his interveiw and the team tasks. On the team tasks he must have an input and not stand at the back playing the grey man. The interveiw, make sure he has a suit, smells clean and looks the part - first impressions count! Also test his handshake - dry hand and firm shake - not a wet fish, look the PSO in the eye and he should speak for about 80% of the interveiw, not one word answers.

    What does he want to do?
  6. i am going in to inf tigers same i can do the 1.5 mile and the press ups can only just do the sit ups but keep pushing my self now how many heaves do u need to do tho i find them very hard !!!!

    any help

    sorry for going on thread a bit
  7. the heaves are best effort you just do as many as you can, i remember during my rsc one guy managed two (he look dead chuffed for doing that many) still passed though. aim for double figures.