Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by A13x, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi, my first post here. I have recently applied to join as an OPMI and would like to know what the fitness required to pass is. Is there a certain time you have to run the 1.5 mile run in and is there a certain amount of press/sit ups that has to be done in order to pass?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. 1.5 mile run in 20 minutes followed by 10 press-ups or sit-ups in your own time.
  3. May i ask where you got this information from as 20 minutes for a 1.5 mile run is beyond slow?
  4. I think he's "slightly" confused, that sounds like the RAF fitness test. (Is there an emoticon for "wanchor")?
  5. I've just found a thread on the joining section and it says 14:00 for all other trades and int corps wasn't listed so i presume its the same as that, any info on press ups and sit ups? And what's the static lift?
  6. To avoid getting mugged by lurking members of the junior service, post this in the "Int Corp recruitment etc" sticky at the top of the forum - or the "joining up" forum.
  7. "Hello Pot this is Kettle, message over.....

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    The fact that a menber of the Royal Air Force has posted this, whos farcical "fitness" test is merely to find ones way to the Gym, I find quite hysterical.

    The standard that the ADSC for AGC/INT CORPS/RAMC etc..... is about 14 minutes. Bear in mind this is the utter minimum and unless you have shone beyond belief in every other area you will still be deferred.

    The PFT standard for under 30s is 44 press ups in two minutes, 50 sit ups in two minutes followed by 1.5 mile run within 10:30. (there is an 800m warm up immediatly prior to the run). You dont have to worry about PFT scores until the end of phase 1 - start of phase 2.

    You could have searched the site, Int Corps operators are supposed to be competant at research, however I couldnt let that civvie in a blue uniform...sorry Airman.....and horrendous troll badastra give you the immpression my Corps is shite.

    Adastra has something against the Int Corps, I think he must have witnessed an ex girlfriend being royaly gangbanged by members of the AISU or something......
  8. Hang on a cotton picking second there fella!! Dont drag me into you Twatdastra hating thread!!

    It is true that many a shinanigin occured which involved some horrendous women whilst at the prestigeous post (please allow me a brief moments silence whilst I remember those glorious times) but i have no recollection of an event where a female who was attached romantically with a member of a brothers in the saying goes....I wouldnt touch her with yours mate!

    And while we are at it Mr Greg.....who the fcuk made it YOUR Corps....i do belive it belongs to a group of uber inteligent and emotionally under developed monkeys......who also have a habbit of throwing poo at passing on lookers!

    I have said my bit, i am now retiring to my pit to do the honorable thing and throw myself about until i pass out.

    Fairwell and good night

  9. Oh dear CG, may I suggest a quick read of a dictionary prior to passing out? :wink:
  10. I didnt join the Corps cuz i can spell, i joined cuz dey said dat i could shoot people in da face and jump over car bonnets and shiiit like James Bond....init Bruv.
  11. You fell for the "you get issued an Aston Martin and a flash suit" patter didn't you CG?
  12. JUDGE ME!!!!
  13. my apologies, however if you also fell for the "different model type female every night" then I have no sympathy for your disappointment ;)
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Post these questions in the sticky above and expect to get a sensible answer.

    adastra, please behave.
  15. I'm afraid I DO have a couple of serious complaints to make.
    1. Since Bin Looney left, the time keeping of the once regular outrage bus service has been atrocious.
    2. In the wardroom of a passing HM Ship, I hear that some people on this forum are charging house Champagne at GBP 70 a glass to their travel and subsistence expenses. This kind of behavior would even make seasoned aircrew blanche.