Coming back from TAFS2 I realised that whilst I got green lighted for my run my fitness is crap - I need to get stronger and the competive side of me wants to move my run time fron 10-15 down to 8 mins or so which is what 3 or 4 of our Seb Coes are doing.

I know when asking this question the usual response will be 'get out and run & do press ups and sit ups at home' but would be intrested as to any fitness programmes you would recommend that would not only get me to hit the mark on the three disciplines but really ace the BPFA. I have two weeks before RT1 and would love to post a big improvement on my scores !!
Have you tried a local Gym? my local council one (run by Serco) has some good programs concentrating on various styles of fitness ie CV/Abs ect. If you dont want to join a gym then perhaps try running 3 miles every night you can and go against the clock and try and better it each night against the previous nights time
There are lots of variables to take into account here Swindonman, different things work for different people. I know a bloke who stays in good shape through playing loads of squash (which he loves) and a bit of swimming. Although he doesnt run very often, when he has to, he can really shift.
How old are you, and is there any sport or activity you favour? as its difficult to stick to something you dont enjoy.
Im 29 mate , I used to play (albeit badly !) 5 aside once a week and last year ran a 10K so ended up pounding the streets . Funnily enough Ive always fancied giving boxing a try and will have a look at any gyms in the area.

In the meantime I suppose its best to just get it out the way no matter how boring it is !
This topic comes up time and time again; I think MSR has a sticky about this somewhere.

Anyway: you've a few choices -
1/ Run the streets, do press ups & sit ups at home ;) Seriously tho - this is the tried and tested formula that works for most people. Go for a run every other night, vary your distances & pace, time yourself & monitor your performance. It will start improving over time. Another thing is 'fartlek' training - bust into a sprint for a stage of 200-400m per run; this will improve your stamina. Press-ups & sit-ups; just keep doing the BPFA standards on the nights you aren't running; you'll notice an improvement.

2/ Circuit training in the gym: never mind the other crap gyms offer, circuit training is the best all-round training you can get.

3/ Swimming: offers a good cardiovascular workout, and will exercise every muscle.
You say some of your blokes are 'around the 8 minute mark'. What you weren't clear on was your goal: 8:00 or 8:59? Believe me, there is a HUGE difference. Many people, no matter how much training they do, will be incapable of getting 8:00 or sub-8:00. Everyone is capable of 8:59 or thereabouts. You need to set yourself short, medium and long term goals that are acheivable. Read up on phys, buy some books, look at websites. No-one, however much they write in their reply to you is going to give you a fraction of the information you REALLY need to get PROPERLY fit, i'm not even going to try. So research, test, try and vary routines and most importantly REST!

In all seriousness, there is no reason why you shouldn't knock a minute off your time in two weeks if you know what you are doing.

Thanks for the info and the links guys, I will get a plan together asap.

PTSN - I would love to get sub 8 minutes - I take on board your comments I assume you are referring to different genetics etc but I am the sort of person who will push and push to get myself into my fittest shape possible.

On a seperate note something stupid that keeps bugging me on the two weekends Ive been away we have been stressed the importance of a balanced healthy diet yet the food (not that Im complaining mind) has been fry ups , chips , pies etc !!!!!!!
Swindonman said:
On a seperate note something stupid that keeps bugging me on the two weekends Ive been away we have been stressed the importance of a balanced healthy diet yet the food (not that Im complaining mind) has been fry ups , chips , pies etc !!!!!!!

Speaking from both sides of the hotplate, units are restricted to what they can lay on food wise for some ridiculous amount a day per person (something like 21p a day, Im sure someone can quote the current figure) so unfortunatley that often equates to chips! (cheap as) The selection of food is also down to which lovely M.O.D no frill's cafeteria you find yourself in, My advice is if you want the healthy option on your weekends, declare yourself a veggie!
That has always made me laugh about the Army.... they harp on about fitness this and fitness that... but the food they give you in most cases is shi'te (like the muslim) Fair play on Ops the food is good and the cabbage mechanic's do the best they can. But if you owned a Porsche or an Astin Martin you wouldn't put cheap fuel in it would you.

Maybe the Army see us as mk2 Cortina's and Robin Reliants?
Whilst many don't rate the BPFA as an indicative test of fitness, I think it's great (really). The main areas to work on are chest and shoulder strength for the press-ups and circuit/interval/fartlek training for the run. Depending on your age, I would be pleased with a time under 10 mins. I think my last effort was: Run 09:08, Press-ups 58, Sit-ups: 64, but then again, I'm old...

I'm a qualified personal training, so if you want a plan devising, send me your details, height, weight, age, previous exercise experience to and I'll write you a plan.
Good to hear you are all out there getting fit. Let me pose this one ?
The Army wants you to be a good shot (MATT 1), fit (MATT 2), good at saving lives (MATT 3), able to cope in a CBRN environment (MATT 4) etc...
Which one does the Army not pay you to train for ?

Catch my drift.

The old "personal pride" tosh does not wash. The Army has just changed our terms of employment by increasing the fitness levels (and more), but will not pay us to train up. What would happen in civvy jobs ? Let me guess - tribunerals, claims etc.

Come on - pay us if you want us to train.

I believe 2 Sig Bde pays 1/4 day per week for PT in your "own time". How can they do this and the other Bdes not (assuming my spies in 2SB are correct) ?
Nope id definitely say that personal fitness should be personal pride thing still. Civvies still train to be fit themselves so why the hell should soldiers be paid?

And i still dont think the BPFA is that great. There is so little correlation between peoples scores on the BPFA and how well they handle walking with bergans or sprints in heavy gear or agillity to me that i'd still say a different test is needed or some kind of extra section to the BPFA perhaps utilising an assault course or similar? I know that my 9 and a half minute run time and 50/70 push ups/situps (not exactly the greatest athlete ever im the first to admit but not too bad is it?) dont mean the square root of F' all for my fitness doing fire and maneuvre or climbing over a wall in fighting order or other warry businesses.
For those tlaking about sport to get you fit a piece of advice given to me by a PTI of old

"You don't do sport to get fit, you get fit to do sport"

Also 8 mins for 1.5 miles, feck that mate a more realistic time to aim for is sub 9.30
Does your civvy employer ask you to go on training courses totalling 3x45 mins per week and refuse to pay you ?
Thought not.
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