fitness with a broken leg

im in plaster with a broken tibua & fibua but im getting bored and need to do something to stop me getting to unfit n fat

what would you gym queens recomend i do?

im talking diets & static exercize

altho my folks house where im living just now is on a hill so that could be good exercize getting up n down that everyday on my crutches lol

thanks for any advice
stevie :D
are you non weight bearing? I presume you are with the injury you have.

If you have access to a gym locally and a good friend to drive you there, most good ones have hand bikes (basically bikes that you peddle with your hands) they are a great CV work out and any upper body weights and abs that you like. up and down the hill on your crutches is also a good CV workout (and i LOST 2" off my upper arms so good strengthening too)

you can also get on t'internet these rubber things that go over your cast and you can swim with them on, cost about 30 quid. they are really good we treat people in the pool with them on.

good luck and all of the above should be pain free if its not stop - rest and elevation are also important to stop it swelling.


I am in sort of the same boat with a dislocated knee, plaster is off but still not weight bearing or bending the knee. Have got some cheap argos dumbells and googled exercises and now have a little routine. Still no cardio though - might try one of them hand cycle thingies.
Work on flexing your quads, seriously work on them! Your leg is going to waste away muscle wise if you're in pot for any length of time. Flex them hard, hold for a count of 4 and release. Also, straight leg raise, 6 inches off the floor to 12 inches (i.e. your start point is 6 inches off the floor).

Both these need doing a really serious number of times throughout the day.

Good luck with it.
WhenI was laid up with my broken leg (plaster from toe to sac) they gave me static excercises as I was non-weight bearing. Basically that involves repititions of clenching and/or tensing your leg muscles (imagine you`ve been goosed :p ).

As you would imagine it gets a bit tedious.
stevie1967 said:
yeah i got told to wiggle my toes for exercize :|
a variation of this exercise was conjured up by my mates in the pub. A lighted cigarette was place between 1st and 2nd toes on said broken leg and had to be wiggled free before burn occurred (barstewards each and all of em).

I`d say this method was more effective.

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