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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jimmy1880, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Hello fellas,

    I wanted to ask a question about fitness;

    I excersise 6 days a week and run at least 30km's in a week. On one day I can do a 6Km jog and finish off with a 2.4Km best effort of around 10 mins. Another day I can set off on a run do about 800m and feel like my legs want to divorce me and my lungs are covered in deep heat!

    Can anyone explain to me what the hell is going on why do I feel quite fit one day and Homer Simpson the next??? It's doing my swede in!

    I'm off to selection soon and don't want it to fall on a Homer day. What can I do to avoid what's happening?

    Help would be appreciated.


  2. Not to say stupid or condescending, but everyone has a off day mate.

    The body doesn't adapt in a linear fashion. Its all peaks and troughs.
    The off days are the troughs. But get them out of the way, get the miles in and you'll be reaching a peak soon enough
  3. and all the best for selection

  4. Different pace's, tiredness, conditions lots of factors can affect how you run.
  5. Could also be what you do through out the day that might affect it a little. For example on weekends i feel fitter, but on monday morning its harder then normal.
  6. Ive only just started running - but the weekends im always much quicker and last longer when Im out , Im sure its just cause I get more sleep and ive not got a days worth of food sitting in my guts :lol:
  7. Went to the Doctors yesterday, as I almost collapsed on a run.

    Apparently I had overtraining syndrome, it's where you damage your body by training quicker than your body can repair itself and apparently if you do this over a long enough time the body goes nuts and refuses to work properly. Aparently my hormone levels were all over the shop and I had some protien in my blood that meant my body was destroying muscle mass.

    Great news, I have to completely rest and eat loads for a week. Selection is just over a week away. I hope I'm fixed in time!

  8. How long have you been doing your 6 sessions a week anyway?

    I'm guessing he asked you how much you've been training, how long, tested your blood and urine and saw the hormones and came to the overtraining conclusion.

    I've had protein in my urine last time I got checked, but thats because the morning of the test I had done some heavy interval work.

    On a side note, 'they' say every 6-9 weeks have a week off for complete laziness. The week before that you deload with less volume and the first week back should be light to build up again to your previous volume.

    Bit late now. You'll probably struggle for a few days after a week off, but after that you'll be stronger then before
  9. Sometimes it can be mental tiredness too. Training hard 6 days per week is alot. Try light (really light) training for a few days to re-spark your hunger and desire. It's always easier on your way up the fitness ladder, rather than maintaining it.

    Good luck! x
  10. Hold up, are you not some random female spammer on here?
  11. My advice was good advice......don't you think? :)
  12. Wellllll, mental tiredness is an issue, but it's better taking a rest day or two, rather than training in light in my opinion. That way you rid yourself of ALL mental tiredness =D
  13. I've been training since July last year but I've trained more intensivly since Febuary after I got deffered for my weight. In your opinion if I stop completely now for a week how much of my original fitness do you think I will have lost?


  14. I cant argue with Beastmistress, shes right. It's mainly down to rest and diet.
  15. I love you Matty! XXX

    We have something in common........well, ok, two things in common! ;-)