Fitness trg prog found in the depths of Armynet

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Panoptes, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. Evening/Morning all

    I was trawling through Armynet on a Tuesday early morn, as you do. When I came across a 12 week phys trg prog for potential SBS(R) candidates.

    Was thinking about perhaps giving the fitness trg a go (not the SBS thing- as I can't stand the salty taste).

    Wondering if any PTI's or phys monsters would have any idea about what sort of standard one should be at before atempting it (so as to no injure oneself) and what sort of standard it would bring someone to- start standard for the selection course?

    PS. Prepared to take the enevitable WAH and you're a c**t tirade that comes...



    (I found it while searching for stuff about the ACFT btw so if you want a wee look- couldn't post the exact linkey as Armynet is having it's time of the month it seems)
  2. I have a rather old paper copy of a same but different bunch of lads, goes for thirteen weeks.
  3. On the basis the SBS claim that any fit and motivated Commando can pass selection, I would suggest you were fight enough to pass the Commando tests....

    However, I would also suggest that you have done enough phys, especially in boots and with weight, that the massive increase in training volume programmed from week 1 to week 2, is actually achievable without exposing you to a serious risk of injury, stress-fractures in particular.