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On a budget and with limited time each day to devote to it, does any one have suggestions for what I could do in preparation for next year when I intend to begin the process of joining the army.

So far I have been running 30 minutes every morning, using an app to track the distance I travel to keep trying to cover more ground. I have upto an hour depending on traffic in the evenings after work which I thought I could use to work on my strength.

As I lack the funds to join a gym I thought I would ask people who have done it, are doing it etc. I was wondering as well as I could implement this into my morning runs as well by adding a backpack with some weight once I get more comfortable?

Avoid doing any training with weight on your back - it's a risky business and you will build up to this during training. Aim to arrive CV fit and you will easily adapt to carrying weight with the program structured into the syllabus.

For CV - a year is plenty of time to work on your running. The usual idea is to get plenty of miles in your leg at a comfortable pace, you'll gradually speed up working at the same effort (read: heart rate). If you want to do speed work (intervals, etc) then stick to one session a week. You can find no end of good running programmes online, most tailored to your starting point (from couch potato upwards).

For strength training - there are plenty of body-weight exercises/regimes/programmes which you can take up, again, look to Google. A lot of press ups/pullups/bodyweight squats will do you no end of good.

As an aside, you can get a lot of good quality yoga/pilates/flexibility classes free on Youtube. Don't snigger - it's an oft-overlooked but extremely valuable supplement to training. And it can bloody hurt!
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