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Fitness today vs yesterday

I can't really remember but I think it was on the main road opposite Browning Barracks. I was near the front anyway, much to my suprise!
I know we did a 2 miler starting in the carpark, and I'm sure a couple ended up in the canal (which wasn't deep) during the scuffle to get onto the tow-path. Mind you it's about 32 years ago, so I could be misremembering.
There were two versions of the old 3 mile run. One was the squadded first half, and the other was a complete 3 mile best effort ( I think it was called the Tickel test).
That was the one for the Regulars, for some reason, the TA version was a 3-miler in the same rig (boots and lightweights). I've no idea why it was different.

ETA: I did both versions in the 1980s, firstly as TA then as a Regular.

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I was musing, just now, what with me being an aged Cold Warrior and all, on the loads routinely carried by (especially) dismounted combat types nowadays.

Now, in my day, kit for battle was CEFO - essentially, your 58 pattern with whatever your Regimental SOP required, plus lots of heavy 7.62 and perhaps, if you were unlucky and in the infantry, a mortar bomb or two and a load of 7.62 link. Heavy, sure, awkward, sure, but doable. The Army in the 1980s wasn't notably fit across the board, although infantry tended to be up to speed. We also smoked a *lot* more and probably, in BAOR at least, drank an awful lot more.

Now look at today and the sheer quantity of shit folk have to carry, not least body armour and all the other good stuff that now fills respectably-sized bergens for even short-term operations, never mind long fighting patrols or advances to contact.

Is the Army, or at least the dismounted close combat elements of it, in general a lot fitter than its fathers were?

This is interesting. Basically, better training and excellent motivation producers fitter soldiers who get burdened down with more stuff and become less efficient.

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