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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Panoptes, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone give me a comprehensive answer to what fitness tests the TA use and do for example in the MATTs tests and what the pass standards are for officer or soldier (preferably both). By the way this is for infantry TA.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Download MATT 2 here
  3. Do you know if they is any chance of being able to get the MATT posted directly to you somehow? I'm unable to print it off.
  4. Just do it at work, most of the matts are over 100 pages long.

    "yeah boss, I mjust going to put in an extra couple of hourse, night" :twisted:
  5. Same for officers and soldiers. If you're under 30 then you run 1.5 miles in less than 10 mins 30 secs, do 44 press ups in 2 mins and 50 sit ups in 2 mins. And there is the combat fitness test which is marching 6 miles in 1.5 hours carrying weight. (Soon to go up to 8 miles in 2 hours)

  6. Don't think it is! but I stand by to be corrected!
  7. April 2008, due to be eight miles again. Discussed at length elsewhere on here I believe.
  8. Discussed at length but still wrong.

    TA soldiers not selected for deployment remain level 2 MATTs. Those training for or on deployment do the level 1 i.e 8 miles. It's all the MATTs packs.
  9. It is indeed going up to 8 miles from April 2008, same as the regulars.

    Bring it on.... :D :D :D
  10. Still wrong
  11. Think u need to check your facts, i've been asked to recce a 8 mile route for next year, and as we were told on our is indeed going up to 8 mile from April 2008.
  12. Not that it makes much difference, as 8 miles is easy anyway, but from Reference: Land/RF/5657, 31 March 2006:-

    d. CFT Distance. To allow the TA to adjust to the increased CFT standards, a gradual increase to the CFT distance will take place as follows:
    (1) TY 06/07. FFA - 4 miles. FFM/FFD - 4 miles. Thus, 4 miles is the annual Level 1 and 2 requirement.
    (2) TY 07/08. FFA - 6 miles. FFM/FFD - 6 miles. Thus, 6 miles is the annual Level 1 and 2 requirement.
    (3) TY 08/09. FFA - 6 miles. FFM/FFD - 8 miles. Thus, 6 miles is the annual Level 2 requirement, and 8 miles the Level 1 requirement.
  13. It's a very simple concept. Prove that it is going up to eight miles next year with an Army reference Number.

    Unfortunatly the "Well my mate jim said it was and he's clever 'cause he cleans the toilet at HQ Land and he's got a GCSE and an ASBO and everyfing" answer does not constitute proof.
  14. Right you lot stop fecking moaning the rules say its 8 miles next year - so get off your arrse and start training! As soldiers of any quality you should strive to achieve more than just the minimum required standards or its harder to step up to the next. Exceptional physical situations we find ourselves is are rarely at the minimum standard are they?

    Had my guys out doing the 8 miles this weekend it was tough for them but they all passed (old gits like me remember the good old days when you only had 1hr 50 mins to complete) - like someone said its actually easier you get to set a good pace and just keep going if you just knuckle down and do it.

    Should never have dropped downwards anyway - the job we do is physically demanding and requires us to be fit - simple as that. Its should be a case of personal discipline and pride!

    Now soldier on my good men or retire (and thats from and old git with knackered back and knees - still going strong!)


    P.S Mind you still aching 3 days later mind! :)
  15. Who's moaning?

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