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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by irlsgt, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. What the current fitness tests that infantry soldiers in units (ie not in basic training)? There seems to be lots of changes over the last few years.

    I'm looking for distance, dress, weight carried, timings etc for infantry.

    Also is there other elements? Push ups, sit ups etc
    Thanks in advance
  2. PFT x2
    Best effort press ups in 2 mins
    Best effort sit ups in 2 mins
    1.5m run in under 10.30mins (for under 30's)
    The run can be changed to the MSFT (bleep test) dependant on location or weather, under 30's must score higher than Level 10.2 IIRC???
    The PFA is age and gender fair, meaning that women and older people get different minimum scores to achieve

    8 miles in 2 hours (weight dependant on arm or service)

    Entry to the pool at the deep end, tread water for 2 mins and then complete a 50m swim and climb out of the pool unaided

    There are also Operational Fitness Tests to carry out, and Representetive Military tasks but I dont have the list on me at the moment. If no one else gets back to you by the end of the day with the details I will re post with the correct info.
  3. Many thanks
    In that case I'm interested in AFT weights for line infantry (is it on the flat on road) and what the last part of the quote refers to
  4. I believe it is 25kg plus water, plus weapon, (I think also plus helmet and possibly body armour but this might be included in the 25kg) for teeth arms* (and those attached to teeth arms units). Normally done on undulating terrain along a combination of tracks and paved roads.

    *For these purposes, teeth (or combat) arms are RAC and Inf (including SASC). Cbt Sp (gunners, sappers, etc.) carry 20kg and CSS (AGC, RLC, etc. when not attached to a combat or combat support arms unit) carry 15kg.
  6. You're a PTI aren't you. I can tell.
  7. 25kg for the AFT (or CFT for the old and bold) is the weight inclusive of personal weapon. Water and helmet go on top. By the book for your annual MATTs it should be 30% metalled roads and 70% undulating terrain and as close to flat as you can get (in real life this doesn't happen but hey ho, enjoy the training value.)

    Search OFT's on this site and it'll bring up the full list. What ones you do will be decided by local command and are supposed to be relevant to your specific role. It seems the key ones for Inf are OFT's 1 and 2, and the 24 miler which off the top of my head is OFT 6 but without looking I'm not sure.
  8. Excellent much appreciated
  9. Last AFT I did about 4 weeks ago we carried 25kgs which included rifle, water was not counted in the 25kgs, and I am infantry. However I have done Aft's that where 25kgs which did not include Rifle and water. I am under the impression though that the correct weight for infantry is 25kgs including rifle but water is not counted in the 25kgs.