Fitness tests.

Sorry to start a new thread chaps, however i was wondering if anyone could tell me if the fitness tests in all aspects of army life require you to complete the run before doing sit-ups, press-ups Etc.... or do you do the static exercises first?

Hey reallylongnamesodecidedtotypethisoneinstead

Every PFT I've done, except my very first one (and I've done quite a few) has been the static exercises followed by the run.

44 press ups in 2 mins (best effort)
50 sit ups in 2 mins (best effort)
0.5 mile warmup run in approx 5 mins
1.5 mile best effort to be completed in no more than 10mins 30 secs for males (unknown for females).

Personally I feel the static exercises can add maybe 20-30s onto my runtime, but maybe thats becuase I'm being a fanny.

The MATTs booklet which can be found in PDF form on armynet specifies the order in which the exercises are to occur and it states pressups/situps/run but in the end if a PTI wants to, he can run it how he sees fit.


As a 40 yo, I prefer low impact training such as cycling coupled with sensible eating. I cycle to work and cover over 100 km some weeks. However, I hate running and avoid it as best I can although I'll always be fit enough to pass a PFA/CFA. Knees, hips and ankles last longer that way.
Good stuff. Over here in Kiwi Land we generally do our runs first, and needless to say after putting your best effort in you feel a bit shagged which can make doing maximum press-ups a bit more difficult. or am i just being soft? in saying that i have never lost time on my run from doing the statics first.
i had this discussion with a QMSI a while back. he said that when they changed to the MATT system the test was ran by PTI's who did it run first and run last, it was decided tat if you put maximal effort into the run then the static excercises made no real difference to the avg times.
I on the other hand feel that thesit up excercise forces weaker candiates to use their hip flexors due to the fact that their feet ae being held. This must surley have a negative effect upon the run time.

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