Fitness tests.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dogz, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. Well having being for the well overdue look at life this weekend and having completed my fitness test, i realised that my fitness wasnt at the level i thought it was at. Having got a green light and two ambers i failed :oops: ! The areas i need to concentrate on are the core strength and push ups. I am due to be doing my phase one infantry training on friday in a two week block.

    How would you guys suggest i improve these areas in the time i have without over training?
    Would a run in the morning followed by push ups/sit ups ect and then repeated in the evening be too much or too little?

    I realise that i have until the tests in cic to get my fitness to the required level but i would like to make an improvement to my scores as soon as possible.

  2. How long will the run be, and how many push/sit up's?
  3. there is plenty of info on fitness around .Probably good idea to alternate one day run one day circuits wieghts etc . Sorting out diet and giving yourself time to rest and getting plenty of sleep will help improve fitness .
    I would say a morning run followed by pressups and then an evening run is too much .
  4. I go for morning runs and if i am going to do something else later on in the same day i make sure its none impact like swimming or cycling
  5. You said yourself you need to concerntrate on core strength and push ups

    This would be my ideal program

    (My av run is 5 miles )

    Day 1. Run
    Day 2. Circuit training to include pressups situps chins + some bike or rowing
    Day 3 Run
    Day 4 Same as 2 but harder
    Day 5 Rest , Swim or cycle (easy does it )
    Day 6 Run
    Day 7. Pub
  6. all above is good info, however you need to specify. If you passed the run great, so keep plodding with the running. If it was the Press ups and sits you failed there is 1 easy way to get the green. Every morning and night do sets of 10 press ups and sits, then rest and do this for 2 mins. Count how many you do in 2 mins. build this up until you do not have to rest. This means you go from doing 10-15 then 15-20 and so on until you hit the pass which should be more than 65 in 2 mins for both the press ups and the sits. Do you or have you been shown how to do the Army style press ups and sit? If not you should contact you local Regt and ask the PTI who will be able to show you! I hope this is of help to you and good luck.
  7. just keep at it - it takes time - i also think the key thing is not to do too much at once- i will be there if your going fri too if its same place your thinking about-grantham?
  8. I'm in a similar boat to u, I have my test at the RSC coming up in a couple of weeks, it's my second attempt too so am extra nervous, it's hard to know what is too much exercise etc, and when u only have 2 weeks to do it in it's panic stations, well for me anyway :(
  9. Should be Strensall all being well.

    Thanks for your advice, will let you know how it goes :)
  10. Dogz, 2 weeks notice is just about the bare minimum notice you can have before you wont really be able to do much about it so ur still ok. If I was you id look at it as if you've found out your weaknesses before its too late an you cant do anything about it!

    I agree with most that has been said above, keep running but get down the gym 2-3 times a week an work your core and upper body, also dont forget that doing pressups an situps at home is easy and free so try and do as many as you can in 2 mins both in the morning and evening.

    The last thing that i can say an this is really important! beware that over-training can be just as bad as not training at all! give yourself 1 day in 4 off. I wouldnt want you to go onto your 2 week course and be injured already! Anymore queries speak to your unit PTI or PM me.
  11. Great thankyou :D