Fitness testing at Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Franzmesmer, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Good day.

    Is the required 1.5 mile run time at Sandhurst the same as for the wider army?
    I.e. 10 mins 30 secs for the under 30s, 12 mins for the over 40s etc.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. If you are over 40, and still in trg at Sandhurst, I suggest a career in the military is not for you.

    The run time is a min of 10 min 30 secs. You do not want to be aiming for this however, and should be looking at a min of sub 9-30.
  3. Cheers.. although this is a PQO course with Docs, Nurses etc.. quite a few ex rankers with 15+ years behind them
  4. Fair one - in my blinkered DE Officer ways, i'd not considered the PQO's.
  5. Understandable.. the website and all docs focus on the main intake - the young fit DEs.. all of whom would be under 30 - hence the sub 10 min 30 time..
    Just curious about the old men and whether the training time mirrors that that would be expected after passing Sandhurst ...
    As a 40 yr old is a time of 10 mins leaving it a bit tight?
  6. I recall that the Sandhurst BFT included pull ups in addition to sit ups, press ups and the run and that the pass standards for each increased as you went through the course. Is that right and if so can anyone remember the standards required?

    I also remember something called the Commandant's individual fitness test, again can anyone remind me what it was about? Some like the ACFT as I recall.
  7. 10 mins will be fine - anyway, no-one would fail a PQO, you never know when you'll need a Doc, Lawyer or God on your side.
  8. In that order!
  9. I initially mis-read the title of this thread as '******* at Sandhurst'...

    That is all... i've prebooked my taxi...