Fitness Test

Due to start at Pirbright next Monday & just got a couple of question

Firstly the fitness test you have to do in the first few days what are the standards for that is it the same as the BPFA or this

Also according to the royal artillery web site you do the Army Foundation Scheme before you start CMSR is that true or is that just if you fail the fitness test.

Last thing i, ve got everything on that the list tell you to bring is there anything else I need apart from a sense of humor

Anyone with any advice or abuse you want to give me feel free

Fitness tests for the CMSR are dependent on trade/arm. I don't know the standards at the minute, but if I remember correctly they are well easy to achieve. They are a lot less than the BPFA. You will be looked at like some sort of efeminate lesser being if you turn up and can't achieve them, plus have 2 extra weeks added on to your phase 1. As you're starting so soon, there's not much else you can do to rectify the matter if you are unfit. Just dig in and do it.

At phase 1 the first week is a 'break in' period, allowed for kit issue etc, where there is a nice softly-softly approach. After the first week, there is a rude awakening to a slightly more military way of working. Be aware, but don't take it too personally. It's all part of the process.

Bear in mind, this information is a few years old - from my understanding, things have toned down quite a bit.

As for kit to bring -
- a really good iron
- decent spare socks
- loads of porn

You won't be allowed to use anything else, so I wouldn't bother. The stuff you get issued should be enough for what the training consists of anyway. Your phase 1 should be viewed as a lesson as to what you may need for when you enter the green army i.e. find out the problems with issue kit in real time and get what you were lacking when you pass out.

Just remember, gut in, chest out, neck back in the collar and DIG YOUR SHAGGIN' HEELS IN!!!

Good luck and welcome.
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