Fitness test scores needed for infantry

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by michael1234_uk, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. I am hoping to join the infantry (Armoured) and was wondering what scores you need on the fitness tests?
    1.5 mile
  2. Depends on a lot of things but you have to pass a recruit selection course (RSC) including these (heaves, run).

    I did the run in 11:30min and was second to last but passed so there’s an idea and I think you have to do about 3 heaves (palms facing you) You also have 2 electronic measurements of upper body strength and have to lift two different weights above shoulder height (imagine loading a truck with ammo and its the same principle). I think these two weighed 45 and 55kg and you lift the first then the second.

    It was nov last year when I did this so someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    By the end of phase one I believe you have to do the run in under 10:30 for infantry but as long as you have created a foundation of fitness before you start phase 1 (enough to pass the rsc) then the pt will undoubtedly help you improve :wink:
  3. i can only go on what i done so...

    i got 8 heaves
    10.18 on my run
    135 meters on the jerry can
    i dident get a look at my score on the lifting side of things because it comes up on a screen behind you when you do them,
  4. I also read somewhere about having to do 44 pressups in 2 minutes, and 50 situps in 2 minutes, but I'm not certain if everyone has to do this..?
  5. Yes, I believe everyone has to do this as part of your basic fitness test. For women it's less, but I have heard nothing to the contrary to say certain trades are exempt from it.
  6. Correct, that is part of your PFT. Women have to achieve the same pass rate for the sit ups (50 in 2mins for under 30s) but fewer press ups (Its 21 as far as I'm aware)
  7. Whats the PFT??
    So do you have to do pressups at selection to?
  8. in selection you dont have to do no pressups or situps but you will have to do them in basic.
  9. PFT is your Physical(?) Fitness Test.

    I have heard different people of different ages/regiments call it different things:

    Personal Fitness Test,
    Physical Fitness Test and
    Pre-Joining Fitness Test

    but they are all the same thing I believe.

    A fest (funny enough!) that measures your physical fitness.
  10. Im 15 years old and all this upper body stuff like heaves, jerry can and lifting weights 55kg is easy .... I just can't run for shit
  11. your run is probably the most important test of selection but you attitude and how hard you work is just as important

    not saying you dont need upper body strength because you do.

    so if you not a good runner get running but dont over do it only go every other day.
  12. thanks the advise will start running , I found when I run , after a few weeks my arms get smaller ?
  13. Thats expected if your running often and hard, your muscles will return to original size when your pumping out heavy weights as they will expand under the pressure, when you run its all cardio and running is the best way to lose weight, youll still be able to life your weights and more importantly youll be able to crack that run time too. Dont live on looks in the army youll probably get pretty massive anyway ;)
  14. Do you do the PFT when you arrive for the start of training?
  15. Alreet, I'm hoping to join AFC Harrogate in September '08. I've completed the BARB test and my RG8s have been cleared I just need to wait on a date for my 1st interview. My question mainly is aimed at the jerry can lift you undergo at ADSC - is it true that if you drop them, you fail ADSC!?