Fitness/strength standards help please (para)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by parainwaiting, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. hi

    i am in the process of joining the paras. I am wondering when it comes to selection what the specific standards for para are as people only ever mention on here standard infantry standards and obviously paras is gonna be harder (well i imagine it is!)

    I know about the run times and am working on them at the moment but i am wondering in terms of weight lifting etc. For example you must do the dynamic lift and static lift etc and just wanna know for each of the selection events what you must score to pass to be a para.

    how much does a standard rifle weigh as in my training books it says to bergen with 35lbs which is absolutely fine but in reality you would also be carrying a gun so any help would be great.

    thanks guys.
  2. The A2 is about 9lbs...
  3. ok thanks
  4. My bold.

    35lbs seems a wee bit light to me? Im sure in that in operational scenarios that real bergan weight and indeed the whole load carried on your back is closer to 100lbs?
  5. 60-80 lbs. Plus rifle. If your not hard don't try it. Know little. But i'd stick in your crew your assigned to now!
    100lbs plus. YEAH!
  6. thats cool mate.

    its just during p company testing you use 35lbs i have read.
  7. I'm there in August 26th, you will have to run under 9:18 for 2.4k whereas infantry is anyhting under 10:30
  8. Kilograms mate, Kilograms...not lbs...and it includes your personal weapon and helmet.
  9. no infantry is under 12:00...
  10. yes mate but infantry is not the same times etc as para. they have higher standards.

    I believe you are correct in saying 9:18
  11. It might say under 12:00 min's, but realistically you want to be getting a time of 10:30 or under.
  12. C U there
  13. wrong its 35lbs not 35kgs and its actually about 38lb-40lb when you add water and scoff
  14. so can i clarify.......

    people keep sayin 12 mins for para the same as infantry but i have read 9 mins for para. whats the truth........cos lets face it 12mins is piss easy.
  15. I think for Infantry if you don't get under 10:30 in the mile-and-a-half in the first week of training you get put into the fox platoon programme? Is that right?