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I was wondering what are components of the fitness test and the standards in the army for a 20-year-old. The navy website puts up for both pre-joining and after completing some training, but I could not find any in the army website. I also noticed that the 2.4 km run is done on the treadmill in the navy, is this also the case in the army? Or it is on some track or other type of setting?



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At rsc there is 2 jerry cans yep, 1.5 mile run (aim for under 10 mins)yep, heaves best effort yep, but also static lift, a back excercise to see how much you can carry, team tasks (v important) and an interview (also v important).

Also you should be able yo do 55 press up in 2 min and 20 sits up in two minutes min
thats for inf depends what you are going in for tho!

hope this help check out this site bit you find some info on it :roll:
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