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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Outstanding, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Following years of having overweight soldiers , the US forces have both a weight and tape test as well as their fitness test to pass. They are far more strict on the application of this and have a scheme of mentors, dietary and fitness advisors and encouragement thru their CoC. critically they cannot promote, nor be recommended for promotion if they are not within guidlines. at certain key career points they are liable to discharge if they cannot achieve the guidelines.

    Is this too tough for the British?
  2. already have bmi checks and tape checks after pft's at our gaff. Red cases get passed up the CoC. Too fat and it's a 3 month no, as it already happens!
  3. I think you're confusing 'fitness' and 'fatness'.
  4. What is a tape test ?
  5. Not quite the same as having a non recommendation for promotion or actual discharge - sounds like you have a local policy there that should be spread across the services and given some proper teeth.
  6. The US Army has had this system for years. I saw this 2002 when I worked with them. Personnel who hadn't passed the 'tape test' are termed to be 'flagged' and have no leave, courses or promotion until they pass the test. Of course having a Burger King or Tacho Bell on nearly every camp doesn't help!

    The British Army has the Weight Management Policy that came into force last year. It is across the whole Army and not just a 'local' policy.
  7. I thought BMI had been completely discredited as according to it anyone with substantial muscle would be deemed overweight, the famous example being that the English pack were all morbidly obese by BMI standards. Surely if someone can pass the fitness standards required they are fit for service regardless of beergut and wouldn't blood pressure tests give a better indicator of possible heart problems?
  8. Anyone know the details of this 'tape test'. Sounds as ridiculous as the BMI. Pass the fitness test = pass. Fail = remedial action. Can't see the problem with this IMHO.
  9. Effective October 2, 2006, the Army has adjusted its body fat tape test standards and our software reflects these updates.
    The Army Fitness Calculator brings the APFT, extended scale, alternate run event, and body fat calculators for all age groups and both genders into one easy to use program. A working and free online version is available to the right.

    The APFT & Extended Scale Calculator takes the raw scores from the three APFT events and calculates each event score, total score, and extended scale score. The calculator shows the minimum and maximum repetition/time for each APFT event and displays if it was a GO or NO GO.

    To pass the APFT, you must receive at least a 60 in each event. To qualify for the extended scale you must receive at least a 100 in each event.

    Other events, such as the 2.5 mile walk, 6.2 mile bike, and 800 yard swim, are also included for alternate run event scoring. These events are considered GO / NO GO and not awarded any points. However, an averaged unofficial score is provided to assess and compare performance.

  10. BMI is simply an average test for average people.

    When I joined the police in 2000, the PTI's were repeatedly asked for assessments of my weight because "this officer's BMI indicates that he would not look good in uniform"

    I had a 28 inch waist, a 46 inch chest, regularly ran 1 hour 12k's and had 8% body fat. Because i'm only 176 cm tall BMI indicated that I was morbidly obese. At the same time, bobbies that were tripping over their guts were scoring lower than me.

    Considering the build required by most of the armed forces, I would suggest that BMI has no place here either.
  11. Liar.
  12. I think it's ridiculous though as I nearly had major issues continuing on to University on my scholarship because my BMI was a couple of points over, even though I could easily pass the PFT, CFT and phys wise was in good shape, and only because I played No.8 and had a few extra pounds on a lot of other people...
    It should just be a common sense approach...
  13. Try telling ADF recruiting that!
  14. No, it's a typo. He missed out the 0 in 80.