Fitness Standards for Phase One

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pvt._Joker, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Hey there I have passed selection as a REME VM and was wondering what kind of standards of fitness would be expected of you during the start of phase one training, but more so will the PT Instructors help you if you are srtuggling with some parts of the Physical Exercises? I can do my 1 and a half mile run in about 11:15 and I can run a maximum distance of 3 and a half miles and I can do about 10 heaves. I can't wait to learn all the differnt skills I will need as a soldier but the PT does worry me a bit, but I would give it 110%.
  2. "but I would give it 110%"

    That's all they ask, you will get fitter as training goes on and believe it or not you will start to enjoy PT. Don't worry just enjoy yourself. :D
  3. As a VM you'll be headed to Bassingbourn yes? The PTI's there are ok. Big scottish guy with star tattoos up one arm from SDG was ours, and he was alright with us. The standards youve got at the moment are ok to get in with, and your fitness will improve over the 14 weeks, we had guys go from a 13 minute mile and a half, down to the whole platoon being under 9.30! Just make big efforts with situps and pressups before you go in!
  4. P1ss Poor Why?
  5. They'll help if you're struggling alright :twisted:

    The best you can do is turn up as fit as possible, without injuring yourself. Don't make assumptions, do yourself a favour and prepare yourself for the challenge ahead, if you're on the xbox instead of running you're doing something wrong :wink:
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread but what would be a good amount of press ups/ sit ups to be able to do for the start of P1,
    I've got about 3 months to train for it so I'm hoping to get to a decent standard (and hopefully better), are there tests you do when you start?