Fitness Requirements for RAMC entry

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by daco69, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, I was with my local army careers advisor today, and he was talking to me about the AOSB and gave me a few sheets about it, then told that the RAMC have their own AOSB with different standards, he couldn't tell me what they were since he was a sapper. So I was wondering what the requirements are and what the RAMC AOSB is like?

    (I really hope its not the same because 44 press ups in 2 minutes?! I could only do 8! (but I'm working on that) )

  2. You need to seriously improve on your fitness. Even if it is the pqo aosb they will lock in on you if you are not reasonably fit as it shows a lack of preparation for the board.
  3. You can only do 8 pressups??? hahhahahahahaha!! Or is this a wah??!
  4. Yeah, well I'm 16 so I've got a bit of time to prepare. I'm doing Duke of Ed Gold so I'm fit endurance wise but I'm no good with cardio and upper body strength. I did get 9.6 on the bleep test though, so I'm pleased with that.
  5. DofE gold could be done by a paraplegic prepubescent girl.

    9.6 and 8 pushups is pretty poor. The good thing is that you should be able to ge up to a serious figure in a very short time. Start running, and start doing your pushups as often as possible. You'll love it. After the challenge of the first few runs, the knowledge that I was getting fitter got me through the rest. Its a great feeling.
  6. I can do 12 push ups with my hands behind my head and using just my dick
  7. Impressive as that might be, it is of no use to the army and does not constitute any of the fitness requirements.
  8. No but I suspect doofy could also manage 9.6 on the bleep using his d1ck as a pogo stick. Seriously daco69, get yourself down to the recruiting office and pick up the physical preparation DVD that they do for those joining up or get a proper programme from a physical trainer because 9.6 is not that impressive on a 20metre bleep test and your upper body strength is very poor.
  9. Mate, no offense but I can get to level 12.6 in the bleep test and do about 40 press ups and I'm a 15 year old girl, I think you should start training a bit more ;)
  10. your fitness does need some serious work, but i dont think you need me to point that out. as said above just start training, and after the first few sessions, which arent fun, you will feel better and it will continue to improve. just do a set of pressups every morning and evening and go for a few runs a week. simple. after a few weeks you will notice some marked improvements, and in 2 months youll have come a long way. by the way dont get put off by the put downs of your fellow arrse members, id be shocked if 25% were in the forces, and anymore than that were i wouldnt believe it. so get training and take advice from actual soldiers in the afco, or join the ta. for the record im not an actual soldier but unlike arrse members im secure enough not to laugh at you for an honest question
  11. To answer the thread question - to be able to stand up and breath is generally good enough
  12. At the same time?
  13. fitness wise you obviously need to improve you cardio as well as your upper body strength, although you have plenty of time to do this as you are only 16. If your struggling with the army fitness then may I suggest that you apply for the same job in one of the other services as they are significantly easier than ours :)
  14. Bol**cks to all the fitness stuff, get your Liver and Kidneys in training lad thats what you really need when you get in!!

    Helpful? No True? Damn right!
  15. PQO course?! You may just find the time to improve your times in (at least) the next five years that you need to be fully qualified in an area of medicine.

    I call wah!