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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cascadai, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Hey people

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me the exact fitness requirement for the selection course, such as how fast i have to do the 1.5 mile run in and others such as heaves etc as i am hoping to sign up in the next month or so and i am starting training exersises to prepare myself for the pt test to come im currently doing a 2 1/2 mile run every day and i am doing the 1.5 mile in just over 13 miniutes (this is on uneven terrain) if anyone can help be every so greatfull cheers
  2. What trade are you after?

    Some trades you may scrape with that 1.5mile time but for alot that just wont cut it.

    Remember when your there you will have a PT lesson the night before and if your 1 of the bottom 5-10 in your group (depending on group sizes, and you will be) you are gunna be that much more nakkered in the morning before your run. The 5 slowest people in our group where running backwards and forwards alot more than everyone else.

    Not sure about exact requirements as depends on your trade and alot to the descretion of the officer interviewing you (or so Im told) but I would definatly work on that time, whats your general strength like?

    That said, I went from 14mins+ too 8min 46s in about 3months but that was 3 months complete detox aswell as huge amounts of CV work.
  3. 13 minutes is too slow, unless its a route with a lot of hills.

    the general opinion, is that if you dont get 11:30 for lads, 12:30 for girls, you probably will struggle to pass.

    and yes, the evening PT will be hard if you slow. and expect to do some sprints between team tasks

  4. im looking at joining the house hold cavlry and to the other guy that posted yes it is quite hilly and i believe my time should hopefully improve as i have only just started running i can run and jog in intervals for 2 miles none stop and my over all streangth is average my upper body is okay for press ups im not huge but i can do 45 press ups wen i push myself chin ups im not so good at i can do about 5-6 at most and sit ups i can do for as long as i want oh yeh almost forgot the saturday that just went i decided to see how fast i could do the 1.5 mile run and i timed myself at 12:37secs but i was pushing my self untill it hurt and i was nakkered at the end of it lol cheers for the help most appreciated
  5. If you jump on your horse you can do it in about 3 minutes
  6. Sounds like your improving, like I said nothing impossible. If you run it in 12min 37sec I think youll get through despite what people say on here (someone from my selection passed with close too 14mins). Thats alot more push ups than most people can do when they start basic anyway and as for the pull ups its not too bigger deal, some guys on my selection could only do 1 and passed, just grab a pullup bar from argos, stick it in your door frame and do 4-5 every time you leave the room or something, worked wonders for me.

    Once you get your 1.5mile too under 11mins or so I would concentrate on longer distance alot more, just my experiance. I only ever ran bursts on 2miles so did very well on the 1.5mile run at selection but the PT lesson the night before destroyed me 'cos of my stamina.
  7. lol im sure i could a. ive not got a horse b. ive not riden a horse for about a year lol so am abit rusty lol
  8. ive also got the problem of the drugs test a few months back at a mates b day party every one was takin pills and some ********* sliped a few in my drink do the army care a bout little indiscressions like that lol cos thats my only fall down i researched it and it says that pills leave your system after 24 to 48 hours but its the traces im worried about what are the drugs tests they will give me
  9. some great mates you got there.

    or is that code talk for 'i took some but dont want to admit that'

    and of course they care. to be honest i doubt the 'i was spiked' routine would wash, unless you had reported it to the police.

    at adsc you will have a urine sample test.
  10. sorry it was code talk yes lol it was a mistake that i will not make again ive got a mate who was in the infantry scotts gaurds i think it is he said he had taken loads of drugs before he went in just stayed of the drugs for a few months drank a shed load of orange juice before he went for his tests and he sed he passed ( but he also siad that wen he was interviewed he was asked if he understood the armys policy on drugs he siad yes then he was asked if he had ever taken any thing and he siad yes and he still got in) so do you think honesty will be the best policy for me or do you recon my carrer in the army in down the wash hole all because of one teenage extremely idiotic mistake i made
  11. if it really was a couple of months ago, you will probably be fine. unless your a persistant user, it will probably be gone by now.

    you'll have to ask somebody with a better knowledge of such things then me if you want exact time frames.
  12. youl be fine if it was a few months ago, as far as i no pills dont stay in your system very long and they definatly wont show up on a urine test by from what ive heard if they test skin or hair samples it can show traces of drugs from months or even years ago.
  13. And just to clarify the urine test is for other reasons (things like blood in the urine) your first drugs test is the day you are back from your long weekend so people cant claim its drugs still in their system from before they where in the army...

    Like my instructor said, they dont care what you did or didnt do in that department as long as when your in, your clean.
  14. Cheers lads for the help
  15. if any 1 else has ny thin to say on this topic please the more opinios the better