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I am currently in the process of joining up. My major concern is over fitness, my current level being pretty poor. My recruiter has just advised to follow the plan i was given with all the other paperwork. At the moment im finding this fairly easy. My question is, should i be doing more? I wan't to gain a good enough level of fitness to pass the required entry standards (Tank crewman, 1.5 miles in 11, 12ish minutes i think), in as short a time as possible. On top of the plan i try and get out on my bike and do some decent distance and i'm also going to join a running club. Any advice would be great!

Many thanks
In a nutshell, if you are finding it easy you need to crank it up a bit! TOP TIP: Buy a basic heart rate monitor and google heart rate training zones for advice.

1. Run three to four or more times a week. Make sure one of these runs is an 'interval session' (google it) but no more than two interval sessions per week. Every run should be a minimum of 25 mins and vary the distance and speed at which you run (ask for advice at the running club)
2. Practice sit ups, press ups and chin ups (over and underhand grip) on a regular basis (at least three times a week). Abs (also known as part of your core muscles) are the one muscle group you can work out every day without a rest day in between.
3. It's NOT advised any more BUT, I go for a regular weighted run/ fast march pace in boots with from 15KG in a backpack up to 25kg depending on where I am in my training/ how I am feeling.

4. Find a mate to train with if you can; a running club is a great idea (I belong to one and found it really usefull) and there is a wealth of talent to help you in every good club.
Be patient and measure your progress using a log of your times/ weights/ reps etc. Assess yourself every six to eight weeks. The younger you are the faster you will progress. If you are an old fart like me (over 40) you may find progress rather more frustrating. Good luck! :)

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