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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hollykimalan, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. I walk about 3 miles a day with my dog and work in a busy Accident and Emergency dept. I have not trained for about 2 years!
    I used to be a Stab and could pass all the fitness stuff long do you guys think it will take me to get up to BFT (or what ever it is called now) standards?
    I am thinking about 6 weeks or so....
  2. This depends on your current level of fitness, and the amount of time you intend spend training a week.

  3. There are quite a few of us in this positions and it's getting some discussion on the "Ex STAB Rehab" thread.

    I'd reckoned I'd be there in six weeks but two weeks in it isn't looking good!
  4. Depends on whether your a big pie eating salad dodger or a slim jim.

    If your like me and avoid the salad at every opportunity it might take you some time. Otherwise keep at it and you just need to build up your stamina etc.

    Maybe we should get the stories of those that are doing this and then record to motivate other like minded nutters.

    Then again...
  5. I've just had to take the last three months off due to ankle injury and I put on a full stone. I did my first run yesterday morning and managed 5 mile in 40 mins. I was a little gutted but actually know that it will only take about 3-4 weeks to get back down to 7.5 min mile pace (37.5 mins for 5 mile). I was never much better than that anyway. I did BFT in boots in 10mins at end of last year and want to get back to it (that's 1.5mile squadded in 15mins and then 1.5mile best effort - boots, cs95 trousers and t-shirt).

    As will be said countless times, it all depends on just how unfit you are now.