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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by debond86, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. i know a lot of people have probably wrote about this topic but i was wanting some straight up answers over fitness in the army, i have been working out befor i even go to the recruitment officer at the local barraks so im in decent shape for starting the recruitment process i have read alot of info on the army there training and end fitness assesments, but i dont want to go with the bare minimum acceptable fittness levels if you know what i mean i was just hoping that mabee someone in the recruit training area of the army could tell me what they personally expect fitness wise from new recruits
    any help that you guys can give will be greatly recieved

  2. The minimum standard is 1.5 miles in 14 minutes when you go for initial selection. However, if you wanna make an impression when you get there aim for less that 10.30 which is the time you will require when you actually go through basic.

    Ability to do some press ups (30-50) and sit ups (50ish) isnt essential but will be expected of you later in your training.

    A few strength tests are done at the selection centre (ADSC) but if you say you have been working out you will be fine.

    Dont concentrate purely on hammering the 1.5 miles, if you train over a greater distance then when some one throws in a suprise 3 miler then you know what to expect. (but initially you will only be expected to do the 1.5 miles)

    This is by no means an exhausted list so i am sure some of the more experienced fellas can be of a bit more assistance.

    And by the way there are hundreds of fitness related threads on here if you wanna try searching. Good Luck

  3. oh and some pull ups (heaves) people on selection did between 2 and 22 but i think you will be fine with a good 10. Worth practising i suppose!
  4. I'm looking for some similar advise.

    My training consists of daily 4-6 miler, press-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups.

    Does this cover most of the bases, or is there more I should be doing?
  5. daily 4-6 miler Fcuk man you will be fine, worth trying the 1.5 miles maybe once a week though just so you know what kind of pace you need to run. I forgot to mention before, if your going for the para's then you are expected to run the 1.5 miles in 9.18 which is a pretty decent time at this stage. 4 lads on my selection were going for para and non of them got their time.

    There is a fitness test at ADSC called the 'Jerry Can Carry' where you have to walk 150 metres (5 lengths of a sports hall) carrying 2 Jerry cans weighing approx 8KG (rough guess). Its easy enough but some lads did fail it, just grit your teeth and make sure you get a good grip. You will be pretty p*ssed off if you fail selection for something this simple.

    like i said before its worth practising your pull ups aswell if and when possible.

  6. Are press-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups sufficient to develop good upper body strength?
  7. i would say so, i mean there were some young skinny lads when i went to selection who just didnt have the upper body strength to do any of the strength tests really. There is one which is a dead lift (bend your knees, lift the weight off the floor and jerk it up almost onto your chest, rotating your wrists)

    Again, if your going for paras and maybe certain other jobs you have to be able to lift more weight than what is expected of others.

    It would be hard for me to say that yes press-ups, sit ups, pull ups are enough because i know nothing about your general overall strength. However, if your putting in the time to train then i am sure you will be ok and you will be a lot more prepared than some.
  8. a lot of what is expected from you in training is lifting your own body weight. Press ups, sit ups, pull ups, dips. So these kind of things are perfect training, rather than weight training. There is no point being built like a brick shit house if you cant do one pull up!

    anyway, like i said before, i am far from fully clued up so its worth asking around and speaking to the Sgts at recruiting office.
  9. Are you serious, so we are not expected to do 44 pressups in two minutes and 50 situps in two minutes?
  10. The press up and sit up requirements are for basic training and i never had to do them for initial selection. HOWEVER, some selection centres may be different. You would have to ask previously mentioned Sgts.

    you will need to be able to do 44 press ups and 50 sit ups in basic though, so its worth practising!!
  11. Only by the time you finish phase 1
  12. wow thats a load of my chest. I can focus on running then. Better have a look around and see what else happens on selection
  13. There are loads of threads out there ironeye, good luck.

  14. They are 20kg jerry cans
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  15. And a deadlift comes no where near your chest!!