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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by bell559, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    After a defferal about a year ago (because of old back problems) i am thinking of re-applying to the RAC..


    How long on average would a person take to get there 1.5mile run (and generally get fit for being a soldier) from say 13mins down to 10mins or under ? Using the programme


    Do you guys in or have been in service generaly have gyms with weights and such available to you ?


    I have a veruca and the gels dont seem to get rid of it (even tried gels from a Dr)
    Would this effect me in my medical check up ? If so does anyone know if i can get the veruca operated on by the NHS? My Dr. told me they cant freeze them off anymore

    Thanks for any answers to these
  2. Pity they stopped freezing them off, although I have heard of warts and verrucas still being frozen off so it may be worthy asking another doctor's opinion. Failing that, for reasons I never understood, placing the inside of an overripe banana peel onto a verruca each night (and either pop a large plaster over it or wear cotton socks to avoid getting banana all over the bedclothes) does reduce and then remove verrucas.
  3. Get a knife too it if all else fails?
  4. Q1: i got my run time down from 11 to 9:30 afta only a week or so running once a day...

    And as for the veruca... I had a wart and what I did was (sounds sick) get a razor blade and cut it open over the sink, i let it blead for ages and then stuck a plaster over it, I did this for about a week or so an one morning I woke up and it wasnt there...
  5. How long will it take to get down from 13 mins to 10? I don't think anyone here can tell you "it will take x weeks".. it just depends on how hard you train, how fit you are to start with and whether you pick up any injuries on the way. Just get training and the time will start coming down. How fast? Noone knows.

    Contrary to SoldierBeesley, it took me 8 months to get my run time from 14:00 to 10:30 and I am training still to get it to sub 10 min.

  6. Q2 - If you join the RAC, you will have accesss to the gym from phase2 +
  7. People all take diferent times on their runs and improve at diferent rates. If you try to realy push yourself each run you may be surprised how fast you can improve. I heard that eating a bar of dark chocolat before a run gives you a masive energy boost but havn't tryed it so dont no but its worth a shot i suppose
  8. Thanks for all the replies..

    I went to a doctor for a second opinion and he said he will remove it this time :)

    So no knife in my foot luckily ...

    And i know you cant tell me exaclty how long, maybe i worded the question wrong, i was really looking for how long it took you guys to improve.
    btw thnx Chap_in_black no1 has been able to tell me that so far
  9. Got another question (surprise surprise)

    Since my last holiday ive been carrying a bit more fat than usual and have been eating a bit shitty ..

    If i was to lose say 5 pounds do you reckon it would make running easier?

  10. I could probably shit 5lbs mate
  11. Have a look at these picture, ask yourself who is likely to run faster and answer your own question ;)


  13. 1. "They" can find cocaine and other drugs in your hair until the hair falls out - and even then it will still be in the hair...!

    2. Why on earth would you ask that question? If you have been taking drugs, don't join the Army. You won't be welcome!

    3. Yes, they can, and will test your hair if necessary.

  15. christheclimber I dont see why you have posted with this attitude ..

    You dont know me or my situation at all.
    Ill tell you something though^
    A couple months ago i tried cocaine and havent since then because ive seen how fucked up my brother has gotten over it (and other drugs)
    And i want something better with my life than what he's turned out like.
    You've just assumed that im some drug addict trying to join the army just because he feels like it. You couldnt be further from the truth

    Please dont reply with a post full of total bollocks cos its just a waste of yours and my own time.