FITNESS Qs & ADSC 1.5 mile run times

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by young_lofty, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. ADSC run times based on job choices.

    Below are the required run times that have been sent from ADSC Glencourse to all recruiters, applicable to all potential recruits and broken into relevant trade groupings.

    PARACHUTE REGIMENT- Below 09:40 mins (See note 1)

    INFANTRY, RLC 101 (PIONEER)- Up to 12:45 mins (See note 2)

    R IRISH, RE, RAC/HCAV, RA, REME- Up to 13:15 mins

    RLC, AGC and all other jobs not yet listed- Up to 14:00 mins

    JUNIOR ENTRY- Up to 14:30 mins

    Run time for PARA is dependant on static lift- If lift is over 116kg, then run must be below 09:40 mins. If static lift is under 116kg, run time must be below 09:18 mins.

    2: All run times between 10:50 mins and 12:45 mins will be reccomended for Physical Development Course.


    The times above are from ADSC, and not from any individual recruiting office. Each office may well have their own standards that they expect you to meet prior to attendance at ADSC, for any reason they wish.
    As a result, if the time that your recruiter tells you that you must achieve differs to the time above, then listen to him/ her- don't think, or try telling them, that they are wrong because you have read this post, OK?

    This site is the Army RUMOUR service after all- you don't know who the hell is telling you this, do you? :wink:

    The Army Careers Information Offices are there for just that reason- provding you with information.
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  2. Old thread archived here.
  3. The other 1.5 mile thread seems to be locked so posting my question in here.

    The run what sort of terrain is it? Many hills or particulary muddy? Any adjustment times fir adverse weather?

    Cheers in advance
  4. The other 1.5 mile thread seems to be locked so posting my question in here.

    The run what sort of terrain is it? Many hills or particulary muddy? Any adjustment times fir adverse weather?

    Cheers in advance
  5. the 1.5 mile is done on flat (usally hard ground) however ive read that the route you run at ADSC glencorse is on a mud track so if its chucking it down dont be suprised if you put a few seconds on to your PB...
    hope that has answerd your question mate, whats your PB at the moment pal?
  6. The track at Glencorse is a dirt track and i ran it when it was raining so it added some time on but only a couple of seconds.
  7. I've got a pre selection coming up later this month, trouble is i only found out this month aswell. So ive started running most days on a course of 2 miles. However, theres a problem i always seems to have, its nothing to do with my legs as they are fine.
    I seem have a fear of over doing it and my heart giving out, ( sounds crazy i know :/ ) it goes like a mad man and beats really fast and hard. I dont get any chest pain or anything like that but it still keeps me from really pushing myself as its always in the back of my mind. Ive never had any heart problems in the past.

    Am i right to be concerned or is there very little chance anything bad will happen ? or is it more of a mental phobia thing ?
  8. i did a 1.2 run through my village in 8.45 so I'm guessing I will be looking at the 9.30 mark by the time I add on the extra 0.3 of a mile so providing nothing bad happens I should be ok, although my heaves are going to be a big problem!!!
  9. If its any help, the PFT/ RRR route at ITC Catterick is a track that can/ does get muddy and is definately not flat for its entire length. Added about an extra 20 seconds to my usual time recently.
  10. If you're exerting yourself then it's going to be going into overdrive. I know my heart beats like hell after I'm done running. If there's no pain then you shouldn't concern yourself too much.

    Keep in mind though that in basic training you'll be pushing yourself a lot more frequently than you are now so if it really bothers you then maybe you could go to a doctor just to clear your mind.

    Remember though that cardio actually strengthens your heart.
  11. push yourself mate and dont be scared, just go for it, your ticker will be fine lol. The track at ADSC Glencorse is a mixture of mud and gravel, you start of goin up a small bendy slope then its all straight,flat and a mixture of gravel and mud till you get to a black gate, run around it and then back down the way you came, you will be encouraged to sprint from the start of the bend,down the slope to the finish. do it,it shows determination. john
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  12. It's not too bad a route at Glencorse at all to be honest, nice flat run. Few muddy bits, so what, just go through them.
  13. Glencorse is really flat as well.

    I wish I could do it again, I'd easily beat my crap time now after picking up some hill training :)
  14. lol some guy wrote on the bit of paper at the end about the gond and bad points at ADSC. he wrote the track was too muddy. lmao he was going infantry, and theres only a few muddy puddles and thats it!
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  15. I was thinking about some hill training did it make a massive difference and was it a huge struggle hitting the hills?
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