FITNESS Qs & ADSC 1.5 mile run times


I imagine it's because you are better off passing the test easily than just scraping through. It will give him - and you - much more confidence that you will get through the whole package.


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Although the timing for ADSC is stated as 13:15 for RE, bear in mind that time is the outside limit to a pass.

To pass out of training, you will be expected to run a LOT faster than this, so as cpunk has said, it will do you better to go into this with more confidence, rather than worrying how you will get on. Unless you are aged 30 or older, 11 minutes is still a fail at BPFA after training. Doesn't hurt at all to be hitting around the 10 minute mark at least prior to going, also the fitter you are reduces the risk of injury during training.

Listen to your recruiter, I'm not the one who will be getting your attendance dates- he will.

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