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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Adzy89, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Nice one matey, I don't mean to challenge what you're saying but that has confused the sh1t out of me... I'm currently joining the RE which has been stated as up to 13:15.

    However my recruiter has pretty much ordered me to knock my 1.5 mile time down to atleast 11:00 before he will put me forward for selection :?

    Can anyone shed some light on this at all?
  2. Some light on what? A crap run time? Your recruiter is always right, so listen to him and get your run time down.
  3. Remember that interview you had with your careers advisor the day you got your date for selection??
    well that run time you gave him when he asked you how long did it take 4 u to run 1.5 miles/ how many pull ups could you do is the run time you have to get in! Ypu miss it by a great distance and the CO will no/think you are not trying your hardest and will not accept it!

    I heard this before i went 4 my selection and said i was hittin it in about 9 mins! on the day of selection i hit it in 8.14 n had 2 get it in 13.15 4 the reme!

    good luck lads
  4. Yeah, I understand what you're all saying and it makes perfect sense that what I'm currently running 1.5m in isn't good at all, but it just strikes me as odd that he won't even set me a date for selection until I've hit the 11:00, despite being well inside the stated pass limit.

    I will carry on as I have been gradually decreasing the time week by week, after all it will only help me in the long run. As you can imagine though I just want to get stuck in!

    Thinking 11:00 was the outside limit to a pass was doing my swede in. Knowing it's actually 13:15 has put my mind well at ease, I'm well aware it's a best effort thing too.
  5. i just passed my selection at 30, yes 3o yrs old, my time was 11.05 and im for cic on august 10th, going for royal irish. i was told i needed 10.30 to pass so thought my time was bad even tho it was around 13.00 2 months ago, i was still happy i knocked 2 mins off and hopefully ill get another min off for catterick but it remains to be seen...
  6. well done fido and best of luck with the RI! I was going to go for RI too but I can't shake my love for heavy machinery, so I'm going for tank crewman hopefully with the Queens Royal Hussars. Not been to ADSC yet,waiting for medical forms etc! Cant wait though, feel nervous just reading posts on here!hahaha
  7. Im joining the 1st battalion the royal anglian regiment "vikings" I just done my selection and i got
    9.12 in my run time.
    Was extremly happy with it good enough for junior para.
  8. but if you join the para i will do my warface on you and stick my bayonet into your wind pipe
  9. Grow up, knob :roll:
  10. Either your a para yourself, or you've never been around para recruits in catterick.
  11. Isn't it past your bedtime?
  12. Really?

    No, I'm not, however I have been a phase 1 instructor and been in the Army for over 15 years, so fcuk off you civvy fcuking wannabe mong.

    And BTW, I done phase 1 & 2 at Catterick before the Paras' came in, throbber :x
  13. hey guys i am myself waiting for my test date to join paras, am 32 and my run time is at 9mins 4 secs for 1.5 amd 19mins 34 secs for 3 .... so think have cracked that lets just hope knees and shins hold up lol any advice would be greatfull. I did join marines in 03 but came out at week 6 worst mistake ever made so its now or never , if that bloke who filmed commando on the front line can pass marine training at 50 then i have hope lol.... aaron
  14. Hey, i'm new to the forum, looking to get into the royal sigs, got my interview 2 on wednesday the 13th, first attempt at the 1.5 was 0:12:42 considering im 19 and havent done a spot of exercise since i left school, i was quite chuffed! should be able to shave it down a touch, had to stop for a breather a few times! lol
  15. 12.42?! Have a word wi urself! I was duty fat bloke in basic and still managed 10.30 at glencourse!
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