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I've got a problem with being consistent with press ups. I used to be able to do 30+ press ups, but guess what happened? I can barely do 10.

Since a few months back, I was seeing improvements in the amount of press ups I can do. Then one day at cadets we had a PT test. I managed 33 press ups in 2 mins.

But since then every time I attempt to do any amount of press ups I struggle to do 10 and I have to fight to get to 15. When I am actually doing press ups I can actually feel the weight of my chest bearing down on me.

What's happening to me? I haven't gained any muscle or weight for that matter because I check every month. I weight 70kg/145lbs/11 stones. I'm also 5' 10/11". Mesomorph.

My form and technique is fine. It's just my body seems to be failing.


Practice practice practice......then some more practice. Perhaps some bicep curls with a low weight dumbell, high reps, then until muscle failure.

Either that or you have MS and will end up in a wheelchair in 7 weeks time.
Maybe you just got slack with your training?

Eat and drink properly, sleep enough, maybe hit the protein drinks or whatever.
Do half your PB every hour of every day, and a few rep to fails here and there, and if you're not improving - see a doctor, asap! You're probably dying.
I'm 14. Interestingly enough I picked up long distance running a few months back and I've just been getting better since.
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