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Hi all,

Im currently in the process of joining up and was wondering about a few things.

Im currently employed, should i tell my employer i am hoping to join?

Should i consider leaving my job to focus on fitness?

Ive only just got past the BAARB test, should i wait for my medical results before getting my hopes up?

Thanks for any answers

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Well if I was you I wouldn't quit your job till you get your selection date, selection can be months away & you might get stuck for money


Don't quit your job till you've passed selection and been given an offer of employment and recieved your dates for Phase 1.
If I were you I'd just wait till your further down the line before considering telling your employer etc.
You want to be 100% that when you leave your job, you'll have another to go into.


you dont have to leave your job to focus on fitness all it takes is 1.5 hours of training a night. or even just going for a swim after work! i am considering quitting my local gym and taking up just swimming and doing my 1.5 mile runs and enduro runs on the roads.

so yeh dont leave your job. i was made redundant in october and i have a loan and finance and a contract phone to pay . and there are fcuk all jobs around so i am seriously up shit creak with no paddle
What they all said, you would be silly to quit a job when youve just started the whole process. Worst case scenario, you fail medical, youve nothing to fall back on at all. Dont quit the day job yet.


Instead of giving up your job to focus on fitness , try and alter your availability/ shift patterns. So you can plan/work your fitness around it. Like others have said don't give in your notice until you get a "offer of employment" .



thanks for the advice all, shall be following what you said
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