fitness preparation for phase 1?

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hi all, i kind of need some help. i passed selection couple of months ago and finally got my date for phase 1 on the 2nd of march. the thing is i admit im not the fittest person there is. i was wondering if anyone could help me by giving me advice on how to prepare for the fitness of phase 1 in the next few months? any help appreciated.

no i didn't what booklet?
just do as much as you can before you go in, work on your cardio vascular system
ok but like doing what? distnce running? sprints? whats the best to do?
sorry guys im just bit worried about it thats all. sorry if it was a stupid question.
Just some random booklet about fitness but you obv didn't get it. ^What he said
Theres plenty of threads out there with training advice. Failing that, google.
Above all else, dont push yourself to the point of injury. If you start unfit then determination will get you through but an injury can end your career before it begins. If you do feel any nagging pain when running then stop and give it a few weeks rest. During the rest time try a different form of exercise to maintain fitness like swimming, one which isn't high impact.
oh ok cheers for the help!

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