Fitness Preparation for Phase 1 Training!

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Hey all,
This is my first post and just wanted some fitness advice. Not that its at a bad standard as I got a great A grade pass during selection including a 9 minute 26 seconds run time and pass other tests. I am joining the Royal Engineers and starting phase 1 on the 3rd of April at ATC Pirbright and essentially wanting to be as fit as possible. My current routine is a 3 mile run every second day and a set of 25 press ups and sit ups once/twice a day and I am wanting to step it up a bit come the new year. I am planning on joining a gym for the remaining months (one with a swimming pool) and wondering if anyone with some PT experience can give me a rough (or great) workout routine to go by.
Before I went to phase 1 I did a lot of hill sprints and agility training... work on your upper body strength and interval training... sprint for 2 minutes rest for 60 seconds then sprints for 3.. rest and so on so on.. works a treat!

Best of luck to you in your phase 1!
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