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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by megmegmeg, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Is anyone else following the fairly recent fitness poster that the recruitment office issues?

    What do you think of this?
  2. No, and what does it involve?
  3. Sort of, but not quite, kinda following the timeplan, but varying a few things around.
  4. Sure am. I think it's fairly good, progressive in nature and also maps out a good routine. For some of the running days I change it a bit, maybe running for longer, etc.
  5. I think what you say is spot on, the basic structure is good to have, and obviously i guess a lot of people might find that varying it around a little, will benefit their fitness more than just doing the bog standard wall chart.
  6. Well im on the 4th week of it and was thinking it was going really well...but my run time is not very good!!

    I was trying to think of where to put more running in to try get this better??
  7. do share some of the info for us who dont have this poster. cheers
  8. basically its just a poster/wall chart that shows you a routine to do all your fitness stuff i.e. press ups, sit ups, running. it looks good but i have never used it to be perfectly honest. i just go to the gym where i have my own routine, and do press ups at home. havent started running yet but i will soon...
  9. Why don't you go out and do a run now? Pointless saying start soon, the quicker you start the better.
  10. Does every AFCO have one? how big is it? Could put it up in our gym bit of blatent advertising?

  11. Things like that should only be taken as a guide. Always chop and change it to your own needs.
  12. Well it comes in a square 'Army Fitness' booklet. (The front cover is of 3 or 4 people doing some kind of exercises from an overhead view)

    The booklet goes into more detail on the exercises and other things like common injuries, diet, and all the nitty gritty technical stuff about your body and doing the right exercises for your level of fitness. The poster is more of a wall chart with the stretches and exercises mapped out on it with diagrams (well, pictures of people doing them and instructions on how to do them as well) and then there's the 12 week programme set out at the bottom of the poster.

    I'm sure your AFCO will have a spare copy to dish out if you ask :)