Fitness policy within the Corps/Army

Discussion in 'REME' started by Op2death, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. In General, is it fair to make our 40sometings run with the teenagers? I've just completed my 22 Year Colour Service, I'm still extremely fit and on my last squaded run I still managed to showup 99% of the teenagers, and on a recent ACFT1 (1.5 miles, 20kgs + Weapon) I came 1st with a time of 11 mins 14secs!...Apologise for shiting off!!!

    However, looking at the amount of damaged and downgraded SNCO's, especially the older SNCO's...Should we really be flogging them against teenagers??? (Remembering that during the late 80's & early 90's, you never saw SNCO's on the PT parade and after 12.30 they were all in the it perks of the job, but they still had good command & leadership!) :?
  2. If you keep yourself fit, look after your diet you should have no problem. You sound like you didnt so why ask?!
  3. Winds me up too, I'm 42 and still FE it gives me a buzz to beat the younger blokes, I'm no racing snake by the way but I can plod and that's usually enough. The state of some of the young blokes is diabolical, not all, just some.

    That said what winds me up is the way in which older blokes are expected to keep up with 20 somethings, what happened to the days of splitting the group into 2, older blokes on the left young uns on the right sort of scenario, surely the younger racing snakes would get more out of a PT session when not having to worry about the older fellas holding them back, or is it the other way round. :)
  4. That system used to work well, I'm 45 soon and still manage to keep myself FE (God knows why), however due to enjoying a good sporting life whilst younger and representing my Corps on many occasions I find my injuries catching up on me. Let the whippets feck off with duty beastmaster who can frag them whilst we limp round talking about twiflex couplings and Med Man 7 :p
  5. Terry does not care how old you are, in fact he'll pick off the stragglers.

    That said, the stragglers may well be the whippets that cannot plod with the weight!
  6. You beat me to it. :wink: