Fitness levels for basic??

I am doing my BARB test tomorrow so i know it could still be a while until selection,but i would just like some ideas of goals that i should aiming to meet until that time.I'v been visiting the Gym on and off since i was 18 and seeing that im 22 now i am confident in myself when it comes to press ups,pull ups and strength tests, etc.

What i am workin on at the moment is getting out and running everynight alongside my friend who has just passed his BARB..We have measured a 1.5 mile run that varies in gradient but is mainly slight uphill stretches and we are comfortably doing this in around 10:30 mins.Is this respectable for going into basic?? I know we still have time to improve but when i read on this forum that people are running the same distance in lets say 9mins it kind of makes me think we should be pushing harder, though to do it in 9mins you must be nearly bloody sprinting.

Thanks and any help will be appreciated
Is BARB the Reg basic training course?

10:30 is the cut-off for a green pass in your BPFA so it's ok - but who wants to scrape it eh? :)

I'd seriously consider upping the distances that you run, if you keep running 1.5miles you'll become stale at that distance... You should think about running anything up to and including 6-8mile runs as part of a stable fitness programme.

The best way (I've found) to improve your time is to mix up a combination of interval sessions with long runs...

Try adding the following into your weekly training schedule:

1 interval session of 8 x 200m sprints. (Sprint 200m, then jog 200m, then sprint 200m etc... Completing 8 sprinted legs)

1 fartlek session (do a google for a typical fartlek run)

1 1hr run covering a distance of anything from 5 - 10 miles.

Most people have more trouble with the strength tests than they do on the run, add some weights into your program too.
If, as you say, you can comfortably achieve a 10.30 time for 1.5 miles, then by pushing it you should be able to cut it down to 10.00 which is much more respectable.
As Jimbleep quite rightly points out, increasing the distance and format of your runs will make running easier generally. If you stick to the same distance/time, you run the risk of instilling an unwanted "muscle memory" which will be hard to break.
Thanks for the info JimBleep
When i said BARB i meant the touch screen test at the AFCO which i did this morning and passed :)
Based on your advice me and my friend are going out running for an hour later tonight when it cools down and we are going to introduce sprint intervals during this week.
The recruitment officer told me today that it could be around 3months until i go for the BPFA so plenty of time to follow your advice and hopefully get the time down to the 10min mark.

Thanks again mate

And thankyou Sandmanfez

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