fitness level before training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by IrishD, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi all.

    Just a quick question.

    What's the level of fitness most have starting training.

    I got ADSC next week then I'm off to ITC in jan.

    I have never been the fastest but I hold my own.

    I am doing

    26k with 50kg on me back in 3 hours 45mins give or take. Route is up hill
    12k run with a back pack on in 59 mins.
    5k run in around 20 mins. It will be sub 19 mins by the time I start training
    2,4k in 10-11 mins.

    As I said I have never been the fastest runner. But I feel I got a good base level.

    I am going to work on my 5k run more as I feel this will best for training. Also need to work on upper body and sit ups
    I'm a small lad 5,10 95kg.

  2. Why is your 5k pace faster than your 2.4k pace? By the same token I can't help but wonder that your 12k with backpack pace is roughly the same as your 2.4k?

    Are you sure about your distances?

    One more thing, what's with the 26k marches with 5kg on your back? Nothing wrong with a bit of a tab, but doing it with 50kgs when you don't have to is asking for injuries.

  3. You'll find out on ADSC won't you.

    Its a bit late now to do anything about it even if you werent fit, which you appear to be. Relax.

    However, note that there's more to fitness than mere physical performance potential; you have to be able to do it under the added pressure of an unfamiliar environment, home-sickness, boredom, fear of failure, fear of success, peer-pressure, et cetera.
  4. I don't know. But the longer runs feel better. I tend to run fartlek over the longer runs.
    I use for my routes.

    As for the tab. I wanted to push myself and see what level my fitness was at.
    Problem was I did it a week before adsc. Ripped my feet a part and couldn't do the run. That was 4 months ago
    Now I'm fitter and ready for adsc next week.

    The thing is I left the irish army over a year ago now. I let my fitness slip big time.
    So I am just trying to get ready for training again. Funny part is I am look forward to it.

    I am going off what I remember from my training in the PDF

    Sorry for the post. I'm using a blackberry and the on screen keyboard is to small
  5. See where I said PDF. REG Irish Army.

    Any ways. Cheers for the reply
  6. Why tab with 50kg? You wont be carrying anything like that weight, youll start with 10-15kg depending on who your joining- the Sigs carry a pillow and comfort blanket throughout phase 1 I seem to remember- so why carry that much? Goal specific training is the key. Even if you go para or commando you wont normally be carrying more than 35 pounds plus water on tabs. Your better of carrying 15-20kg and working on your speed. The tabs during basic really aint to difficult anyway, a standard pft is a walk in the park.
  7. Hi mate.

    Thanks for the reply. I know I won't be carrying 50kg but I wanted to push my self. It was more or a note to self so when I am tabing with 20kg its a walk in the park.

    For the next 4 weeks I'll be doing sprint work to help my speed.

    I am going royal Irish
  8. Focus on the 2.4km PFT; you want to be getting 9-10 minutes for the infantry. That is more of a priority than the massive tabs carrying a bergen that would put Andy McNab to shame. as has been said, you're unlikely to be carrying more than 20kg.

    Lay off the hardcore phys now. You don't want to injure yourself before ADSC. Just eat healthily and go for the odd light run.
  9. Hi mate.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I say I'll get around the 10 mark or under on the day. You know your self when your running with others you tend to move faster.

    I will be working on the 5k route till I go.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply
  10. Just back from a quick 2,4k run. 10:15 at 80% of my max. I will get 9 something on the day.
  11. IrishD, i find it hard to believe most of what you're telling us about.

    and you weigh 95kg at 1.55m? 8O

    a BMI of 39.5 ey...
  12. So do i, infact i don't belive any of it.
  13. What do I got to gain by giving miss information.

    I used to be 117kg before I joined the PDF.

    I played rugby and I was always a big build.

    Anyways I am not getting in to a childish debate.

    I was looking for general info on the fitness of people starting training.
  14. 5'10" is about 1.78 isn't it? Still, BMI= 30.0

    Nearly 7 kph over rolling ground carrying 50kg? That's a 13 minute mile; bit quick for such a big load. Much quicker than your 2.4km time (and incidentally doing the 2.4km at 80% effort defeats the whole point of the test; it's a test of motivation and determination as much as fitness).

    Edited to add; doesn't the medical board look at BMIs?
  15. I agree mate. Its all in the head.

    I just went for a quick run. I didn't want to push it to much with adsc in a few days

    A week before my last adsc me and a mate of mine (member of the PDF) did the 26k tab. I pushed it to much and ripped my feet up
    That was stupid because I couldn't do the run at adsc. So I'm back up after 4months.
    I am taking no chances.

    Thanks for the replys.