Fitness... Is it really that bad in some Regs?

On the Defence News web site, there's a piece about how the Light Dragoons are now ready for Op Herrick after 5 months of training, culminating in a 'tab' along the Norfolk coastline. The quote says....

"Members of the Light Dragoons who are preparing to deploy to Afghanistan next month have been undergoing five months of intensive training which culminated in a march (tab) along the north Norfolk coast.

The march along the beautiful coastline was part of C Squadron's combat fitness test in which they had to carry 30lb (13.6kg) Bergen bags on their backs."

Fcuk me, the area they're going to has been pushing my old Regiment (3 Para) to the physical limit. Yet we used to (and I know they still do) go and push out a ten miler with 45lb plus water, or further with 60lb plus water and 'war stores' ammo loads, just a couple or three hours after being on the lash 'down town'.

Yet here's a claim that after "intensive" training, they're proud of their lads managing 8 miles with 30lb!!!!!! WTF????

Are they not listening to views of our guys out there at the moment, who are claiming that fitness levels are being pushed to breaking point?
If my old Regiment are saying this, what are these guys gonna feel like if they have to do some REAL soldiering, not just drive around in them 'toy tanks'?
How quaint - you believe a press release from the MoD News website.

It's a press release written by some civvy commissar who doesn't even know what a km is. I'm sure the LD know what is coming and are preparing accordingly, drafting unhappy emails and trimming their bush hats down to look just like their para heroes.

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