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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chris182, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good fitness routine? i sent in my application today and decided its time to start getting serious about my health and fitness. Im seriously unfit, underweight and unmotivated. I can only run about 1/2 mile before my quads seize up, i can only do about 35 sit ups and 15 push ups (which is an improvment because a few weeks ago i could barely mange 5) and i can only go about 10 minutes on the punch bag before i drop out. I know my main problem is that I give up too easily, and i really need help. Any advice you could give me would be really appriciated.
  2. In order to get round the motivation issue you need to set yourself short term attainable goals rather than having just a long term aim of beasting out hundreds. e.g. If you can only do 35 sit ups now then aim for 45 in a couple of weeks time (obviously still practising in the meantime). By reaching the goal you will be naturally more inclined to keep on working at it.

    Good luck.
  3. Right, always try to do one or two more than last time. Run just a little further every day.
    Give up too easily? Find a mate to train with.
    Tell people/family your aims and progress, then if you don't stick to them they will heap scorn on you.

    remember. train hard-fight easy.
  4. Yeah good point, training with someone else is great for motivation. I know i always push myself that bit harder when with team-mates or when running with others in my troop

    edited coz it appears I am 'less abled' at these computer thingmys
  5. just need to go one step further each day. Thats what i do.
  6. Keeping a training log book can help motivation. Keep a record of the times you did for various distances, and a record of all your training. Somehow seeing it in black and white makes you work harder.
  7. great, thanks guys. I did a 1.5 mile run in 12.56 today (on a completly flat surface) its not great, but its better than not even being able to complete it.
  8. Good. That is a great start. Put it in your log. Date / times / distance plus a lot of notes about how you felt. Now maybe: Keep running but do not time yourself for 3 / 4 weeks. Make your next timed run a goal. Plan it. Prepare for it. When you do it really warm up well. Repeat. :)
  9. Hey,

    Punch bags and boxing is great for your CV. I usually train on mine for 30-35 mins, in this I incorporate 1 minute full out bursts (To get me used to 1 minute milling sessions) If you do this correctly and with enough effort, you will be hanging out your hoop at the end of every session.
  10. Sounds like you might want to work on your lower body strength if you are a skinny bugger. I have seen pretty solid running improvement from doing lots and lots of squats and burpees.

    Your self discipline increases as you get fitter and more used to exercise. After a while "knackered" is just a feeling that you can ignore to an extent. Just push yourself harder each time.. fitness is at least 40% mental I would say.

    Totally agree with short term targets. If you set out to run a 8min bft you are going to burn out. Try and beat your time by 5 seconds each week and before you know it you will be doing it no probs.

  11. Lower body strength will make you faster over shorter distance but not nesscesairly over longer distances. Because of your body weight, you will note many marathin runners are skinny runts with low muscle mass but sprinters often have biceps to rival even me! :p Most people are often better at longer or shorter distances than the other, so find out which one your best at, train from there then build up from there.
  12. I found that running on a treadmill helped me alot, I started off by running in like 14 minutes something, I just kept raising the speed everytime I done the run by 0.5 or 1 km/h. after the second week I ran it in 10:00, then when I got to the ADSC Lichfield, I had a personal best of 9:53. Good luck with your training all the same.
  13. An increase in speed that quick is probaly not fitness, your body just getting used to running after time off or not running before.