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I am a new user so sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum or has been asked before ( i did use the search function to see)

I currently just recovered from a sprained ankle and am looking for tips on how to get my time back down to what it was (10.45) . I want to get it below 10 minutes, just wondering if there are any methods that will really help me achieve this. I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago so my running has gone a bit sour.

Also i am stuck with push ups, i can do 50 and seem to have been stuck on this number for a week and a half. Are there any methods good for improving this? My sit ups are fine, already doing 80 of them and they are improving each time i do them.
Go read the ADSC 1.5m thread for running

As for push ups. As of Monday do 52. Tuesday 54, Wed 55, Thurs 56 Fri 58 Sat 60 Sun 60 Just add two more each day.
Sustanon stacked with Winstrol for strength. And Clenbuterol for cutting fat. Or just work harder until you succeed, like everyone else. Runrunrunrunrunrun. And eat 5 times a day, small, balanced meals.
Roller blades. I can do a mile and a half in under six minutes on mine!
I concur with most of the above. I set my batman orf to do my BFT a couple of years ago and, having done it twice a week since then, he's as fit as a lifer in Broadmoor.
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