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For some time now, I have been following the exploits of Tim Ferriss after stumbling upon his first book "The four hour work week". It is essentially a lifestyle blog in is most basest form and is quite interesting The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

It became quite apparent that a more dire interest to Tim was in broad terms "Fitness" and for many month, he was talking about the new book he was writing "The Four-Hour Body", which was launch just prior to Christmas.

The "book" is more like a encyclopedia and is not intended to be read cover to cover as such but rather you pick and choose the chapters of interest.

For me it was the sections of weight loss and running stamina of primary interest with goals of reducing the then 17% body fat I had to single figures (currently around 14%) and both increasing my running range while speeding up my 1.5mile time (target is 8mins30, currently 9mins45).

I am happy to report that even with a fractured ankle, my wedding celebrations and christmas, following the examples and ideas, I have made significant progress towards my goals which despite having had for several years, I had long since reached an unbreakable plateau.

There are loads of "experiments" in the book which defy common knowledge, however if they are to be believed can be truly amazing. I personally know several other who have keenly follow the blog for some time and now are practicing from the book with similar results. There are additionally dozens of other people on the web with claim and counter claim as to the legitimacy of the findings.

It really is one of those seeing is believing things and personally speaking I am convinced.

I feel that the ideas in the book may give significant benefits to anyone with an interest for such things, particularly those wanting hoping join up.

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