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I'm applying for Welbeck college and I'm getting assessed on my fitness in a couple of months or so. I know what the minimum fitness requirements are (2.4k run in 12 minutes, 34 press in 2 minutes and 32 sit ups in 2 minutes). I don't really know what the competitive times are or what I should be getting to make sure I'm not on eof the worse. I tested myself the other day and did the run in 11 minutes 10 seconds, did 42 sit ups and 44 press ups. Any tips for getting generally fitter over the next two months so I can smash the minimum requirements. I've got a gym membership and go there 2-3 times a week and run for about half an hour then lift weights. Should I just do more of the same?


You already meet the requirements, so just keep training as you are. Just don't over do it and injure yourself.
Cheers for the advice but I heard they were just the minimum requirements and they expect it to be closer to 10 minutes. I was thinking about stepping my training up a bit to make sure I'm well in with the requirements.
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